The Domino Effect

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Mina Yogii By Mina Yogii
The Domino Effect

Do you ever realize that the words we say, and the things we do without thinking, are going out into the universe as little teeny tiny particles of energy?

Karma is not just the life-changing things we do; it is what we say and the intention behind the actual words and actions, howsoever trivial. That's why the words we utter are to be carefully chosen lest they set in momentum something that we never intended. In India, the culture unconsciously conditions us to be mindful of our words and actions. Shopkeepers never say they are shutting down their shop at the end of the day, lest the universe interprets it otherwise, so they simply say, at the end of the working day, “It's time to lower the shutters.” A monetary gift, 'shagun,' is always Rs. 1 more, so as to tell the universe, “This is the beginning of the next abundance in your life.” Similarly, when misfortune falls and someone passes away, those that give money never ever add the Rs. 1. Why? So that the energy fueling misfortune may be stopped in its tracks. They are small and subtle social gestures on which we dwell so little. I was always curious about such things and found that the deeper I dig, the more such nuggets of gold I stumble upon. 

This is nothing more than the energies of the universe being channelized in the direction we want them to go. Good thoughts lead to good words, and good thoughts and words lead to positive actions. It's a domino effect, and now you need to imagine this domino effect going on around the universe, in which no two dominos are the same! So the moment you say anything, one energy participle of the infinite energy participles in outer and inner space moves, moving everything! Just like that!   

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Now think about some of the things we want in our day-to-day life. What do we say and do, and what ultimately happens?  A few years ago, I planned a trip to the Himalayas and talked about it non-stop. “I want to go on a trip to the Himalayas; I don't know if I can.” I kept talking about it to my friends and my family. I really wanted to go, so I saved up the money and finally booked a flight and made reservations. “Yaaay! I am going.”  In the time between making the bookings and leaving, I kept saying, "I'm so excited about going to the Himalayas. I hope it doesn't get canceled. Fingers crossed!" Guess what happens?  

One guess? Yes, the trip is canceled.  

But why do you say? I was positive. I was excited. So what happened?  What happened is that you released the 'doubt' energy into the universe when you said the word 'cancel.' But I said, “I hope it does NOT get canceled.”  Yes, but it got canceled because the energy and vibration were negative, and that is what the universe’s head office picked up on. You are unconsciously listening to ‘Radio Station Doubt.’ It is a dreary radio station that plays sad songs about everything that could possibly go wrong.  Maybe that is where the Murphy radio and law both came from! It is hard at times to tune out, but you must if you are to do or become any of the things you want to be. Needless to say, that year, I did not go to the Himalayas.

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So come what may today, I monitor my thoughts, I monitor my words. Imagine the mountains, feel the breeze, experience the excitement of the Himalayas, and do what needs to be done. I often don't actually like to discuss what I do or don't want. In fact, very often, I completely avoid it.  

Why, you ask? I thought we were only talking positively. Yes, when and if you have something to say, only open your mouth to utter something positive. However, if you can't say something positive, try to say nothing and fuel your imagination instead.

Very often, the response of the other person is not as enthusiastic as mine, and my enthusiasm is dampened. The dominos get stopped in their tracks. Can't let that happen!   

Welcome to 'The Domino Effect!'  - Why everything affects everything!

✍️ By- Mina Yogii

Mina Yogii is an inspirational speaker and writes a weekly blog, 'Yogii…A Little Bit of Magic,' showing people how to find their abundance and tread their life’s journey more gently. She enjoys helping people unfold their unlimited potential in a manner that is very simple to understand. You can share your feedback with her at You can also follow Yogii on instagram.