Does Religion Matter in Love?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Does Religion Matter in Love?

Although many of our core value and beliefs stem from our religious practices, when it comes to relationships, love should prevail and religion should take a back seat.

However, love may not always be enough to take a relationship forward and to tie the knot. That’s because love can also get diluted with time and responsibilities. Even with the open-mindedness and acceptance that is now being seen with inter-religion marriages, a huge change is still required for those who are committed to their religious practices. A lot of compromise and change may be required from one partner, while the other may be required to be patient and supportive.

While the best scenario would be if both partners accept and respect the others’ religion while continuing with their own practices, in most cases, family members and relatives may not always agree to this situation which can get frustrating sometimes.

There are many instances when a partner converts his/her religion to the other just because he/she is so much in love and considers this as minor. If the love is genuine and the understanding between the two is complete, lovers will defend their partner against all odds.

Although, promises may yet be made by the partners before tying the knot, but implementing it later is what counts.

Families, many times object to inter-religion marriages, as they feel that there could lack of compatibility, with time, because of the different beliefs.

However, this could simply be solved by getting the partners’ Kundlis matched. Since Astrology doesn't directly impact your religion, it can shed light on how you and your partner would get along by disclosing the individual’s traits. Many of your personality traits are influenced by the sign you belong to and of course, your birth chart. And in this manner, you can find out if your stars match with that of your partner’s and whether both of you are astrologically compatible. It could help you figure out how accommodating or supportive your partner may be to your feelings, or what kind of problems or issues your relationship may have to face, irrespective of you two belonging to different religions.

These changes could increase or reduce depending on the traits exhibited by yours and your partner’s sign. It is common knowledge that astrology voices which signs would be the most agreeable and congenial and which signs together could be disastrous in the long run, even if both are religion tolerant .This is largely influenced by the traits these signs exhibit, and could play an important role in the relationship.

Finding out your astrological compatibility with your partner could help you eliminate  the fact whether being of different religions would impact your relationship and marriage or not. The problems that you may be encountering with your partner based on ‘religious differences’ may not actually be caused by your different religions, but due to  the low compatibility of your stars.

After all, for a relationship to last, the key word is ‘compatibility’.

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