Does Astrology Have Any Connection With Mental Well-Being?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Does Astrology Have Any Connection With Mental Well-Being?

Our horoscope is like a blueprint that ties every facet of our lives together in a single thread. People in ancient times always believed that phases of the moon and our mental health are interlinked. Vedic astrology and mental well-being have strong ties and it has believed in the theory that certain planets do control our mental state depending on how strong or weak the planets are positioned in the birth chart. An individual's mental well-being has to do with the houses of the birth chart, along with the zodiac sign and the planet placed in it.


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As per astrology, our mental health depends on the positioning of the four planets - Moon, Mercury, Sun and Venus in our personal horoscope. The Moon represents our mind, Mercury signifies wisdom, Sun stands for our soul, and Venus represents love whose malefic positioning can impact our desires and create inhibitions and fears in mind. If these four planets are afflicted in a horoscope, then there are chances that a person may suffer from mental health issues. Having ill effects of these planets can directly affect your physical and mental well being. After all, the mind leads the body.


It is important to get your health astrology reading done to learn if and when these four planets will impact your health. Astrology gives us an edge to take precautionary measures and prepare and intervene in such situations.


How Moon affects the mental health

Moon represents the most imaginative and creative part of our brain, which does the most thinking. A strong Moon in the health horoscope means the person will have a sharp mind and an intuitive mental streak. But, if the Moon is under bad influence, the person is likely to face troubles related to their mental health. He/she will go through a lot of emotional trauma. If the Moon is afflicted by Saturn, the native may suffer from acute depression. Moon in a stressful aspect with Rahu, may cause the person to hallucinate and have a phobia.


How Mercury affects the mental health

If Mercury is posited strongly in a horoscope a person can experience excellent logical thinking. Balancing things well will come easy to them. In case the Mercury is afflicted by a malefic planet like Saturn, Ketu, Rahu then the individual might suffer from mental disorder symptoms such as nervousness, depression, severe anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). As the brain doesn’t function properly in this case, it affects their daily lives and stunts their mental growth.


How Venus affects the mental health

We all know Venus is the planet of love and desires. It indicates our instincts and deepest desires when we are in love. But when love is unfulfilled or unsatisfied, some people may turn berserk. When Venus is malefic in a native’s chart, a native goes through a weird state of mind where he/she may not feel like indulging in any conversation. The planet may actually control both the mind and body. The person may have frequent anger outbursts. They might not display their anxieties and anger in the public, but their private lives will witness these instances. 


How Sun affects the mental health

Representing the soul, the Sun is connected with the innermost spirit of human beings. A favorable posited Sun blesses the native with fame and power in all areas of life. Adverse placement, however, can cause a person to be arrogant and emotionally unstable. They may also face humiliation at the hands of others and this can lead to their pessimistic attitudes which can have a negative impact on their mind.


If some of the above mental health issues seem familiar to your life then taking the guidance of an expert will prepare you to overcome mental illnesses caused by these planets.