Do you have ‘The Zoya Factor?

Monday, September 9, 2019

This is my lucky jacket, I will wear it for the contest and surely win!!!!! I love my red pen! It works like a lucky charm for me during exams! Such beliefs and attachments to things as lucky are very common in our surroundings.


There are movies based on luck like ‘The Good Luck Chuck’ where the actor becomes a good luck charm for every woman he meets.


On the other hand, in the Bollywood industry, the actors and their obsession with lucky charms are quite evident. For example- Salman Khan’s famous turquoise bracelet or Kajol’s OM ring or even the month of December for Amir Khan. The intangible trust in lucky charm has been there for ages even in the entertainment sector.


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Is it a phenomenon or just a miracle! Can it be a coincidence? What is good luck exactly?.


People wonder……..


If I have a lucky charm can I expect all good in life? Where can I find a lucky charm? These are some of the questions which linger in our head. We often get disheartened thinking that some get lucky all the time because they have a lucky charm and we end up with bad luck. Due to this, we start blaming our destiny or stars and feel hopeless.


It is simple! When we do not achieve the desired results, we end up feeling unlucky. Whereas we get overwhelmed when something goes right. It is human nature! But the question is, can we control the actions in our lives and get lucky all the time just because we have a lucky charm?


Surely, a question to ponder on!


They say we are all born under a lucky star, but can that luck follow us around in the future? It is indeed skeptical to know.


All of us have heard or experienced interesting stories and incidents related to luck at some point in time, one such example is the film – ‘The Zoya Factor’.


The plot portrays a character that eventually becomes a lucky mascot for the Indian Cricket team and earns fame and popularity. The story is based on Anuja Chauhan’s book ‘The Zoya Factor’. The book includes the experience of the writer showcasing the relation between beliefs of people and lucky charm. 


We all know that luck factor is not a new concept, it is something that exists amongst us. Even across cultures, geographical boundaries, the idea of luck varies. 


Some consider materialistic things as lucky. For example- Chinese people believe the Bamboo plant to be a lucky charm, while some consider anything related to animals or their peculiar behavior as the symbol of luck. Another example is from Germany, where people believe that when a Ladybug sits on you, it is considered lucky.


To each its own! 


According to a study by a famous psychiatrist, Mr. Wiseman, each commodity has its aura and energy. With a positive mind and open approach, one can attract the same from such items towards them. He also said lucky people have a unique personality and a different approach towards life. It is our mind-set that carves the probability of luck in our lives and we end up associating it with commodities, humans or any activity.


It is said that the art of being open to positivity and opportunities is the first step to being lucky. Just like the character Zoya Solanki in the film -’The Zoya Factor’.


People fail to realize that hope and positivity are the driving force of achieving luck. If you keep your hopes high and concentrate on what you want then luck is likely to shower all its goodness on you.


The nature of Luck is to happen by chance when the time is right and ripe. It describes the joy of being at the right place at the right time unknowingly. It fills people with hope, to get up dust off negative energies and give life another chance. The hope for good luck makes one forget about the bitter past and embrace a new day. It makes people aspire for something lucky to happen. 


Perhaps, it is a debatable topic to decide what drives luck in a person’s life, but deep down we all aspire to have one lucky mascot in our lives. We yearn for a luck companion that ignites the zeal in us to trust ourselves and the unknown power that governs the universe. 


Some of you might have a lucky mascot in life, while others are yet to find, while some must have found it.


You can find your lucky charm anywhere! It can be in your closet or amongst the people you know or even something that has just been a part of your possessions lately. The moment you start trusting yourself, luck will automatically be there to push you ahead towards your goals in some form.


With the ray of hope for each one to find there Zoya factor, live life to the fullest, explore possibilities, stay happy and trust yourself, your lucky charm will automatically follow you.


Make room for miracles to happen!


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