Do daily horoscopes really work?

Monday, May 18, 2020

You must have come across that tiny little column in your daily newspaper that tells you about your daily horoscope. Most of you will be reading it on your way to work just to see if the good things do come true or discuss it with your friends just for fun. 


Daily horoscopes are something that are regularly read by many of us. But how do horoscopes work? Are they actually true or just a deception? Can you really trust them? All these questions will be answered in this article. 


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What exactly do you mean by daily horoscope?

The term ‘horoscope’ is derived from the Greek word ‘horoskopos’ that literally means ‘a view at the hour’. It tells about the events that will happen in your life. And therefore, a daily horoscope tells you about the events that will happen on that particular day.


Have you ever wondered how daily horoscopes work? Daily horoscopes are calculated on the basis of the movements of the moon and its effect on the other planets. It is purely based on the concept of sun sign astrology and looks at the position of the moon for the predictions. 


The Moon changes its position every two to three days and it results in a change in your mood and behavior. This change has a powerful effect on the sun signs and this is how its effects can be observed in daily life. 


Are daily horoscopes reliable?

Well, that is a question to ponder over. Horoscopes give us a sneak peek into our future and prepare us to deal with the things that lie ahead of us in life. They can open up new possibilities for you and guide you to the path of fame and fortune as well. But for all these things, you need to get a personalized horoscope by a professional astrologer. 


Daily horoscopes add a flavour to your life and tell you about your day. But you must remember that it is only the garnishing part and not the real dish. To have a taste of your future, you need a proper horoscope reading. A professional astrologer takes all your personal details such as date, time and place of birth and on that basis prepares your unique horoscope chart that cannot be shared by anyone else. 


You can share your sun signs with millions of people around the world but your horoscope chart is only yours. Just as every individual is unique and cannot share the same destiny, you need a proper horoscope chart that will serve as a tool that will reveal your future. 


This does not mean that daily horoscopes are not reliable. It is just that they undertake very general and basic things to give predictions that may or may not work for you. And if they don’t work for you then this will hamper the image of astrology and reduce its importance in your life. 


For instance, daily horoscopes are based on sun sign astrology. So while formulating the daily horoscope, the ascendant is often taken to be the first zodiac sign - Aries. But not everyone has Aries as their ascendant. 


In case your ascendant is not Aries, then the daily horoscope might not come true for you. Therefore, it is very important to get a personalized horoscope if you want to know about the exact predictions about your present and future.


Thus, we may conclude that while daily horoscope works on the surface level, the personalized horoscope delves deeper into your future. So by reading a daily horoscope you prepare yourself for the upcoming day and by getting a personalized horoscope you prepare for the long-term future.


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