Chinese New Year 2018: Year of The Dog

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Chinese New Year 2018: Year of The Dog

Chinese New Year also is known as the spring festival is around the corner on the 18th of February and 2018 is the 'Year of the Dog' as per the Chinese Astrology. The year of the dog is predicted to be an eventful one yet giving you a breather time to recharge and reassess your plans ahead giving you opportunities to progress your lifestyle and make a healthy balance in your life. 

The Chinese new year is one of the most celebrated and prominent festivals as it is home to the largest annual mass human convergence in the world. In China, the customs and traditions in regards to the festival are varied. It is usually celebrated by all families by gathering together for a reunion dinner.  The families also decorate the house windows and doors with red colour paper-cuts and couplets with popular themes of good fortune, happiness, wealth and longevity. Bursting firecrackers and passing money in red coloured paper envelopes are part of the tradition too.

 Another custom for all families is to swipe the house spotless clean as it is believed to do away any ill-fortune and makes way for welcoming good luck. Families gather and make their famous and revered dumplings specifically for vegetarian filling which are also featured prominently in the celebration of this festival. Let us see how the year of the dog affects each of the animal signs.

Rat: Relationships are to be considered more seriously to avoid shameful conflicts. Natives will see a surge of opportunities for long-term financial investments. You will also require to take up some sport or health-based activity so as to keep yourself active and healthy. At work, invite your superior out for lunch to build further rapport that will go a long way.

Ox: In this Year of the Dog, natives will need to go the hard way to truly achieve the position they were aiming for at their workplace. Your spouse or lover will be in a feisty mood, take it in positivity and play along with them, laugh it off. Experience of a normal cold or flu is a high possibility due to the season change in your environment. Your financial situation will be stable, however, it is advised to not invest in any business ventures.

Tiger: Romance is in the air, take your lover or spouse for dancing and a nice dinner, it will be revitalizing and some good quality time. Natives can experience a rise in expenditure. There will be mounting pressure at the workplace regarding missed deadlines, try to make up for it with some creativity in the task. It is advised to join for a regular sport like squash or tennis to burn off those extra calories you have been packing over the holidays.

Rabbit: Natives will be experiencing an upsurge of positive energy and should avoid any conflicting people at work. It is advised to visit the doctor for a checkup just in any case to take precautions. Romantic partners or spouses will be in a great mood and you will have to treat him or her extra special to get lucky, a lot. Business ventures are a safe bet in limited quantities.

Dragon: Romantic partners or Spouses will be expecting a lot from you, be sure to plan and spend some great quality time with them. Natives are likely to get into a tiff over authority at the workplace whereby it is advised to keep your emotions in check. Rigorous workout and strenuous sports are recommended to make yourself healthy in the long run. You will experience a considerable and continual rise in your financial savings. 

Snake: Your boss will be expecting your performance to be top notch in the coming week thereby it is advised to play it cool and prepare well. Natives will be traveling abroad for pleasure with their romantic partners or spouses which is a much-needed break from your performance at work. It is advised to avoid dusty places and being in close contact with people who are already having a cold or flu and carry some emergency medicines with you. You will be experiencing an increase in expenditure.

Horse:  It is advised to not take part in financial ventures of any sort that may even seem foolproof. You will feel highly energetic and healthy, it is sensible to divert the energy into sports or some nature walking or hiking. Co-workers will be really in a jovial mood lightening up the whole office, join the fun and enjoy. Travel abroad will have to be postponed to a different time as there will be bad weather ahead. Your spouse or lover will be extra snuggly so brew some hot chocolate or sangria and snuggle with them. Who knows what it may lead to.

Goat:  Your lover or spouse will be expecting you to plan ahead as the next step, it can be discussed with them which will surely go a long way. Your deadlines at work will be extended which does not mean you should relax, the hard work you put in now may not come from you later. Your doctor will advise you to get more frequent checkup's so as to avoid any mistake. Your financial situation will be stable.

Monkey:  You will face difficulties at work today where it is best to avoid the situation by not talking about sensitive topics. Your romantic partner or spouse will turn to you for taking the next step in life with the possibility of even shifting to another country. Your financial situation is stable, however, it is not a good time to lend anybody money.

Rooster: You will be going on an adventurous trip with your romantic partner or spouse. It is advised to keep yourself active and energetic so as to not gain weight. Your financial situation will be on a rise with bonuses and profits coming in. Keep to yourself in the workplace in order to avoid being part of any dirty politics.

Dog: Natives will experience a rise in their incomes through past investments. Travelling abroad seems to be a reality soon enough. The gym and sports can do away with most of the laziness and unwanted weight gain. At the workplace, you will be receiving a hike in your position and responsibilities. It is the best time to be taking your relationship to the next level.

Pig: Get to your workplace on time as you have been punching in late in recent times so as to avoid unwanted ultimatums and conflicts. Your spouse and romantic partner will be in an turn off mood for which travelling to the countryside or the beach will help quite a bit. Financial expenses are seen on a high. You will be energetic and healthy otherwise.