Can love astrology solve my love problems?

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Can love astrology solve my love problems?


When there is a problem in love we are left with two options – either to run away from it and accept the reality or to find a love problem solution! As a lover, you belong to which category?

For those who are looking for a solution in love, this is where you will get all the answers.


What is love?

Love may be a small word but is one of the most powerful feelings that rule the living species. Despite being intangible it is a gift of life which is present in each one of us in various forms. It is also an emotion without which life is impossible.


The meaning of love binds people and its definition varies for everyone. When one attains true love, the happiness experienced is beyond comparison.


If we talk about falling in love with someone or desire to be with the soul partner, we look beyond all the judgments, boundaries and norms. Also, we are ready to go to any extent to be with the one. For some, the journey from choosing the one they love to being married is an easy ride but for those who are facing all kinds of struggle, it might be like moving a mountain.


The longingness to find the right love problem solution often makes one wander around and seek all kinds of measures to overcome this issue. Some might get good solutions while the others are likely to be misled.


Unfortunately, in some cases, people lose hope and give up on life, such an attempt may lead one to the darker side of life. It is at this time one needs to reach out to the right place or person for help.


The uninvited hurdles in love!

The hurdles that one faces in love life are often known but at times some are completely unknown. This leads to frustration and helplessness in the person. In most cases despite being so careful and cautious, one ends up in a puddle and does not find an escape. The reason behind such uninvited situations can be the malefic effect of some planets in your birth chart.


Most of us are not aware that planets and the universe govern the vibes and energy inside us. We are directly affected by these celestial bodies in some or the other way.


These bodies govern the nature surrounding us and also the exchange of vibes that takes place between humans and other living beings. Thus astrology studies these vibes and energies to understand the effect of planets on human life.


Since the Vedic study deals with various aspects of life which are both good and bad, one can find love problems solved by astrology.


How does love astrology work?

In astrology, every prediction, observation and remedy is given after looking at the birth chart of the person. Each individual has a unique birth chart with different placement of planets in various houses according to the birth date and time. When you ask an astrologer a question related to your love life, he will first make your birth chart then accordingly predict for you.


According to Vedic astrology, each planet has a particular kind of behaviour which varies with every zodiac it travels into. They either become benefic or malefic depending on their relationship with the zodiac. Benefic planets create favourable conditions in love while the malefic ones show the unfavourable side. Amongst these, some are slow-moving while the others are fast-moving which is responsible to depict the good and bad period in one's life.


Each birth chart is divided into 12 houses which exhibit the major aspects in the life of a human. Amongst them, one is the house of love. Whenever a problem occurs in the love sector or it flourishes, it is due to the planets especially Venus.


Planet Venus is known as the planet of love. Its presence depicts the status of love in one’s life. With the help of a love astrologer, a person can know about the difficulties that they have faced in the past or are facing at present or are likely to face in the coming future. They read the birth chart carefully and find out where the problem is or is likely to occur. They provide remedies according to the planet and try to treat it in the best way possible. You can even get clarity about your love status and future prospects related to it.


One can even know more about the would-be partner before marriage with the help of the birth chart. Horoscope matching can also help provide compatibility status for the couple to attain a good life.


Astrology is a vast subject which can help one learn more about life and its different aspects and also explore themselves better.

So the answer to the question is, yes love astrology can solve all your love problems. You just need to reach the right place.


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