Birthday Predictions for Kangana

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Birthday Predictions for Kangana

Kangana made an impact from the moment she set foot in Bollywood. Her debut film Gangster won her rave reviews from both the critics and the audiences.  Born in Bhambla, Himachal Pradesh on 20th March 1987, the quirky and daring Kangana has made a mark for herself in the highly competitive world of Bollywood, and won numerous awards in a very short period of time.  With her unconventional looks and impressive acting capabilities she mesmerized the Indian audiences.

After her debut film Gangster became successful, it didn’t take long for other directors to realize her potential as an actress and soon she was seen in movies that featured her in pivotal roles. Woh Lamhe that released the same year in which her debut film had released i.e. in 2006 was a major box office success too, and since then there has been no looking back for the talented actress. Her signature curly locks and effervescent style combined with superb acting talent has helped her climb the ladder to success. Notwithstanding her slightly eccentric personality, the diva with a unique yet interesting dressing style and oodles of talent has captivated the masses and critics alike. Her role of the troubled top model turned drug junkie in the critically acclaimed film Fashion won her the national award for best supporting actress and a Filmfare award in the same category.

The year 2013 has a lot in store for her. With about 6 films in the pipeline, including one with the mega star Hrithik Roshan the year 2013 certainly belongs to her. Born under the Taurus Gemini cusp, she has been blessed with intellect and brilliant conversation skills. People born on this day are able to get others fall for them with their charming ways.  The year 2012 didn’t see many of her movies being released but this year things are going to be more bright and promising. On the career front, she will shine and most of her movies will be successful.

Her personality number is 8, which means that she is a strong and competent person. Often people born with this personality number are creative and display strong artistic skills. On the flip side they lose their temper easily and have a tendency to get involved in fights and quarrels. They need to be wary of digestive diseases and diseases of the stomach such as ulcers and heart diseases due to their reckless eating habits. Her lucky colours are white, cream and green and favourable days are Monday, Thursday and Sunday.