At This Maa Kali Temple, Prasad is Noodles and Chopsuey

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
At This Maa Kali Temple, Prasad is Noodles and Chopsuey

India is a land of temples. There is no dearth of temples here; you can find them in every nook and corner. There is likely to be a story behind each temple or some other interesting tidbit that makes it unique and enthralls visitors. Have you heard about the Chinese Kali temple where one gets delicacies like noodles and choupsey as prasad? Amazing! Isn’t it?

Called as Chinese Kali temple, it is situated in Tangra, Kolkata – also known as ‘Chinatown’. There is a fascinating story about this temple, narrated by the local people staying there. Earlier, when a lot of Chinese families used to inhabit Chinatown, they followed the locals who used to worship a few black stones (smeared with sindoor) under a tree.

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How did the temple establish?

Once a Chinese boy fell ill and doctors also were unable to cure him. His parents brought him near the tree with those black stones under it and laid him there. They prayed for his health and after a few days, a miracle occurred and the boy recovered. That is when, the boy’s family decided to build a temple there and since then, it’s been known as the Chinese Kali temple.  

The current version of this granite walled temple was built around 19 years ago but those black stones are still there along with two traditional Kali statues. Apart from the Hindus, the Chinese who stay in Kolkata and visitors from China also pay a visit to this temple. The special feature of this temple is that the bhog and prasad here is served in the form of dishes like noodles, momos, rice and chopsuey.

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