Astroyogi: Why are people avid readers of Horoscope columns?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Astroyogi: Why are people avid readers of Horoscope columns?

Astrology is an interesting science to look at. The whole idea of ‘cosmos influencing our life’, makes sense to most of the population. Surely there are people who scoff at forecasts, but at some point in their life, they would have definitely bothered to read it, because everyone is curious about their future.

The fact is, astrology wouldn’t have survived in a rational and modern era if it didn’t have any truth in it. The old world kept the occult art as a secretive devolutionary service, to which only the royalties and the clergy had the privileged access. The word ‘horoscope’ in Greek means ‘to tell the time’. Ancient civilizations used to forecast events, predict the outcome of wars and foresee natural calamities, based upon their analysis of planetary positions, horoscopes and birth charts. But with time, it is now used by the common folk in their daily lives. Most of the horoscope columns in newspapers and websites are written in a positive tone, the content is tweaked to make it more pleasant and appeasing for its readers, obviously, nobody is a fan of ‘bad news’. For a generalized prediction of a Zodiac sign, this might be the right approach, because this would beckon positive mentality in reader’s mind. Here the position of Sun and Moon is very important, as they are the key influencing factors while drawing a generalized prediction about a zodiac sign, that is the reason why astroyogi’s horoscope analysis would always emphasise on these two behemoths influencing our destiny. However, if someone wants a details analysis of their horoscope astroyogi experts would recommend a personal consultation. Even a very detailed horoscope published would be written in a neutral tone without emphasizing on the negative aspects they find in the horoscope. This daily dose of positivity can be a reason why we still have avid readers of horoscope columns.

People have different levels of affinity towards horoscope reading, based on how much they believe in it. Some of them will not even step out of home if it is not found the right time to. Their belief in this science almost turns them into ‘self-read’ astrologers. The popularity of horoscope reading can be vouched from the fact that most popular newspapers and magazines always have a column reserved for this. It may just make a grown-up fairy tale reading for some, but helps to escape into a make-believe world for a short time. With so many sites on-line today, that delivers your daily horoscope in your inbox itself, most of us would be subscribers of some astrology portal. But your daily horoscope should be more than your daily dose of motivation. It should also throw light into your future and guide you through, subscribe for an expert horoscope analysis.

Indians believe and rely on astrology for most important decisions in life, horoscopes are analyzed for conjugal compatibility and also when serious discussions about career and business are at stake. It is unthinkable in India to start a new project without taking out the auspicious date and time according to one’s horoscope. One can get a personal reading by an expert who will be able to give you a broad spectrum forecast or year-wise detailed forecast relating to issues like career, money, health, love life etc. It can be of guidance in making a decision when there is some confusion in life.

Even general forecasts have a streak of truth for every individual. And so horoscopes have that touch of excitement that becomes irresistible for people.

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