astroYogi: Touch wood and then?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
astroYogi: Touch wood and then?

“Touch wood”, quite often we quote this in our daily conversations, when we swear by something which we consider to be very fortunate to have in life. But how does touching wood bring luck? astroYogi breaks this common myth.

Ancient western civilizations like the Celts believed that spirits and gods resides in the trees. Though it has been a part of our vernacular for long, this myth seems to be originated from the west. There is no quantifiable evidence of this myth to be originated from Indian culture or its rituals. Since there was a popular belief of spirits residing in trees, people knocked on wood to chase away evil spirits while they boasted about their luck to prevent them from listening, and thereby avoiding any reversal of fortune. Another theory also suggests that touching relates to Christianity and crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the wooden cross, so touching wood after speaking of anything good happening in people’s lives press on the Lords guardianship over the good fortunes in their lives.

A popular children’s game in the west which was popular during the 19th century called “Tiggy Touchwood” is also found to have contributed to this myth. The players in this game were immune from being caught whenever they touched a piece of wood. The practice of touching wood in the game was concerned with ‘protection,’ and was well known to adults as well as children, so this popular game would also have its fair share in the origin of our modern myth or superstition of saying, “Touch wood”. However according to astroYogi’s expert astrologers there is no relevance or connection of this popular myth to Vedic astrology or its tradition. For an expert consultation about your future click here.

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