Astroyogi : The Journey of Sasikala and what’s in her destiny?

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Astroyogi : The Journey of Sasikala and what’s in her destiny?

Sasikala Natarajan is having a hard time in her quest to become the CM of Tamil Nadu. Sasikala aka ‘Chinnamma’ didn’t have a rosy past either.  She has been through her fair share of allegations, and political speculations. But what is in her Horoscope that, makes her life so turbulent. Our expert astrologers analyze the horoscope of Sasikala to find out

Sasikala was born on 29th Jan 1956, which makes her an Aquarius. The typical traits of her Zodiac sign are prominent in her, she is intelligent and well spoken. People born under this zodiac sign are good leaders and loyal in their relationships, both of these qualities are evident in her life. She had long been the ‘soul sister’ of Jayalalitha, till the ex-CM’s death.  She has also been in the forefront of her political party ‘AIADMK’ and is nicknamed ‘Chinnamma’ which translates to mother’s younger sister in Tamil. 

Sun and Mercury are in Capricorn which brings good luck and favorable opportunities for her Zodiac sign. Venus in Pisces, would mean that fame and popularity will burgeon. But what our expert astrologers found working well in favor for her is the recent Jupiter retrogression, which started on the 5th of Feb. The retrogression can bring in good news for the determined and strong willed, during this time many of your dreams and aspirations which has been long delayed by the universe, may come true if you are persistent in your efforts. Sasikala is a leader with strong determination and clever strategies. Her success and status today is stupendous considering her humble beginning. 

Let us go through Sasikala’s journey so far. She was married to Mr. M. Natarajan, in 1976 who was then working as a Public Relation Officer in Tamil Nadu Government. Luck struck her through her husband’s close relation with V S Chandralekha, then District Collector of Cuddalore. The district collector, later on, introduced Sasikala to Jayalalitha. The rest is history, they became very close. Jayalalitha was so fond of her that, she regarded her as her own sister. Their relationship stood strong through a storm of allegations. They had to face the media’s fury and were convicted for many charges of illegal wealth acquisition.  They were also criticized by the media and opposition when, Jayalalitha hosted a lavish marriage of her foster son V. N. Sudhakaran, who is also the nephew of Sasikala.  Allegedly, things didn’t go well between the ‘soul sisters’ always, Jayalalitha apparently expelled her long-term close aide from AIADMK, in 2011. Sasikala’s close relatives also landed up on the wrong side of Jayalalitha after this incident. Many of them were apprehended under different cases. But things were sorted out between them later, she was admitted back to AIADMK on 31st March 2012.  Astroyogi experts see that though the retrogression of Jupiter has been favorable for Sasikala, it will not be easy for her to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Obstacles and hurdles will amass all of their strength by 9th June when Jupiter stations direct at 13° Libra. Her popularity and support from the public can also suffer during this period. But if she can withstand and survive this harsh time period, then she can bask in the glory for some time.

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