astroYogi: How to Keep Safe From Black Magic

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
astroYogi: How to Keep Safe From Black Magic

Black magic is ubiquitous in all cultures and civilizations, though the practices and methods are different, it is always intended to cause harm to others or is devised for selfish desires. A practitioner of black magic will never escape the cycle of Karma and would have to pay for his deeds, but sometimes extreme damage is inflicted on the target, due to these spells. Black magic works on the subconscious level and most of the time, the effects are more on the victim’s mind which then can progress on to physical illnesses, often the innocent and weak fall easy prey for this hideous act.

According to Vedic astrology, there are certain planetary positions on your horoscope which make you more susceptible to black magic and other negative energies. You are most vulnerable if you have a ‘Grahan yoga’ on your horoscope.  This happens when the two lunar nodes considered in Vedic astrology- Rahu and Ketu is in close conjunction with Sun or moon in your birth chart or if you are born during an eclipse. You should also be precautious when there are any malefic effects of Rahu or conjunction of Mars and Saturn on your horoscope. Negative forces may latch upon you during these dark phases of time when the planets are in their favor. Somebody may not need to do a ritualistic black magic spell on you, an evil intend can also harm you, this is called as ‘evil eye’. While it is almost impossible for someone to keep away from evil eye, a black magic spell should be warded off and prevented from affecting you. For an expert consultation and remedies, click here.

If there is a sudden obnoxious change in behavior or your circumstances which are very arbitrary, then it can be due to a black magic. Black magic practitioners and its believers nowadays will not be dressed in black hooded outfits, with typical evil features. They can be found doing the most unlikely occupations and could be very well camouflaged into our daily acquaintance. If you suspect someone then you should make sure that you don’t consume anything which they offer you. Make sure that they don’t get hold of any of your personal stuff like photographs or anything very close to you. Hair, nails, and pieces of clothes worn by the target are used to cast a spell on them by black magic practitioners, so make sure that they don’t get any of these. You should also be skeptical about some common symptoms like weird dreams of falling from heights, or unholy creatures. Strange body odor, a perpetual illness which is not being cured by normal medication and treatment, injuries or wounds which you never remember being inflicted are some of the initial symptoms of a dark spell being cast upon you. If you think you have a black spell cast upon you, our expert astrologist’s can help you with remedies to overcome those, click here for a consultation.

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