Astroyogi’s 2nd Annual Partners Meet 2019

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Astroyogi’s 2nd Annual Partners Meet 2019

The premises of Courtyard Marriott, Gurgaon witnessed a starry evening as the leading astrology portal, conducted its 2nd Annual Partners Meet on Friday, 26th April. Amidst the buzzing of talks of the general elections and how different candidates will perform, the event was organized to felicitate the performance of the partner astrologers in the fields of Vedic astrology, Vaastu, Numerology and Tarot reading.

The keynote speech was delivered by Meena Kapoor, the CEO of the company in which she talked about the journey of the company and the new ventures the company aims at achieving. The speech was followed by an interactive Q and A session which saw active participation of the audience.

Venerated astrologers were gathered from all parts of India including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Bangalore. The event showcased the success of Astroyogi over the years and how it has constructed a pulpit for over 2000 astrologers to demonstrate their meritorious work in the field of astrology. With a constantly growing network, Astroyogi provides services to over 85 countries and the astrologers receive calls from all parts of the world including UK, USA, Seoul, Korea, and Switzerland.

Following the huge success of the Astroyogi app since 2007, the latest development of Astroyogi, the ‘Astroyogi PRO’ app was launched by the Senior Product Manager Aditya Verma. The app serves the purpose of hassle-free services to the astrologers as it culminates information about their overall performance and earnings. It is not only a horoscope making and matching app, but also helps the astrologers connect directly to clients on call without divulging any private details and to keep track of them easily. No other app serves this purpose in the field of astrology at this point in time.

The director of Sales and Marketing Strategy - Aditya Kapoor said "Our consumer app is the GPS for astrologers. Astroyogi PRO ensures that astrologers can work remotely and utilize their time to the fullest in our current digitally driven world." The app has been released across India and is estimated that it will impact over 40,000 or more astrologers by 2020.

During the function, awards were given to astrologers for their tremendous work in different areas of astrology. The award winners included Aacharya Aaditya, Dr. Vickram Aadityaa, for their excellent work in the field of Vedic astrology. Expert Tarot Readers including Aarti Bhatia and Mita Bhan were awarded for their tremendous output in the field of Tarot Card Reading. Upma Shrivastava was awarded for her prodigious work in the field of numerology. Budding astrologers in different fields were recognized and awarded with the title of ‘Best Upcoming’ Vedic astrologers, Tarot Card readers, and Vaastu experts. C Kannan, Mini Narula, and Sagar Chug were among the award winners.

To express her views, celebrity Tarot card reader Mini Narula said that ‘Astroyogi is a profusion of opportunities for astrologers and bridges the gap between people and astrologers’.

Endeavors of Astroyogi like the dedicated divisions of IPL and Elections, inclusive of their predictions enabled the users to witness the precision and assurance that Astroyogi offers.

The event was orchestrated with awards, activities, and comps concluding the evening on a high note.