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Your cosmic connection explained

Your cosmic connection explained

Since the day man looked in awe at the vast sky above him and wondered at the mystery of the twinkling objects in the sky, he has tried to find the connection between him and the cosmos. Learned scholars from yesteryears till date, agree that this entire universe is a cauldron of energy and the energies emanating from every object, including the living and non-living, are interconnected. “All is One and Interconnected”, is a common quote in metaphysics and philosophy.

Although a human being is just a spec in this cosmos, he is connected and influenced by the energy of the planets and other stars of this huge space. It is, therefore, always recommended by the saintly and the philosophers; who have attained spiritual bliss; that we should aim to live in harmony with nature if we want to be content in life. ‘All things in the universe are woven together and have been arranged together in their place’, is true and is believed by all.

Those who studied the sky, realized, that many stars were stationary with respect to each other. A few ‘stars’ were noticed revolving around the Earth in a fixed path. The path taken by these stars(planets) were studied, keeping the fixed stars in the background and astrologers divided their movements into 12 sections.

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 It was soon noticed that when a planet passed through a certain section, it triggered certain events. The natives born during this time shared the same characteristics. Movement of these planets in relation to the Sun, Moon and the Earth itself, created vibrations that affected humans. As the position of the planets changed, so did the ratio of their vibrations; some vibrations growing stronger and some becoming weak.

Astrologers noticed that vibrations from different planets effected different faculties of a human body and thoughts; his behaviour and his actions. The time of birth and place(longitude/latitude) determined the nature and intensity of the vibrations that affect the mental, moral, spiritual and physical characteristics of the native and they, in turn, indicated the character, environment and opportunities which he/she was bestowed with. Each planet represented a specific energy and had a precise function in the native’s birth chart. The placement and movement of the planets represented the opportunities and events that was presented to the native through his/her life. Simply put - they controlled our destiny.

Today we know the effect that planets have on a native. Some of them are as follows :

The Sun gives power to the native and brings him fame. The Moon rules the emotions and feelings and represents the entire personality of the native. The planet Mercury rules the mind and communications. Venus rules harmony, unison and love between people. Mars bestows prosperity and wealth, Jupiter blesses native with intelligence and happy relationships.

Studying the placement and movement of the planets is through a language of symbols that require a deep understanding of this subject. However cynical some scientists may be of this cosmic connection with man’s destiny, they fail to give a plausible explanation of correct prediction of the future by astrologers.


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