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Why You Cannot Go Wrong With Tarot Predictions

Why You Cannot Go Wrong With Tarot Predictions

Tarot cards are used by many for focus and meditation, rather than for finding what the future holds. But this is one form of divination that leads you down the road to self-discovery in a way that few other meditation tools can. Since it is more commonly used for divination, people who bank on this to decide on their future are disappointed some times, when what is ‘predicted’ is different from what finally ensues.

A very important point to remember while getting your Tarot reading done is that Tarot does not believe in an ‘absolute destiny’. There is no ‘yes or no’ answer to any question. Tarot believes in ‘cause and effect’. A simple example to explain this is, if you mix red and white colour, you will get pink. The two colours are the cause and the result (pink), is the effect.

Consider your life’s situations to be the colors (your actions). Depending on what your action will be, so will be the result.

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Life is though not so simple and doesn't normally have just two situations/circumstances to choose from. The situations in life are so complex that it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to determine what effects your actions will cause. This is where Tarot comes handy. It helps you to see clearly what could happen in those situations.

The important point to remember here is that, if you change the cause, you change the effect or the future result. Thus, whatever was the prophecy that the Tarot reader predicted was not wrong, but simply changed because you changed the cause and chose a different action.

To understand this even better, let’s go back to the red and white colour. The clairvoyant gave you two circumstances; you could choose white with red colour or choose blue with red colour. Suppose you do not like pink colour, you chose to mix blue instead of white. You now have purple.

So, the Tarot reader gave you a choice of circumstances to choose from and you chose blue. This does not mean that the Tarot reader’s prophecy was wrong when he said that you will get pink if you mix red with white. It was the querent who ‘changed’ the ‘effect’ and took steps to replace one result with another.

The Tarot reader simply tells the querent what would have happened if he/she continues, all unknowingly, on the course they were already on-mixing red with white. The clairvoyant told you that you will get pink.

But the clairvoyant now gave you a choice and said if you use blue, you will get purple. Because you were forewarned by the Tarot reader, you can timely take steps to change your future.

This does not mean that the Tarot is wrong in telling you about the ‘pink’ effect while you got the ‘purple’ effect. The Tarot gave you a choice and you made a good decision of choosing blue because you like purple better than pink! 

Thus, asking a Tarot for advice will help you make the correct decision in life.


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