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Why Candles Bring Love Energy To Your Home

Why Candles Bring Love Energy To Your Home

Candle lighting is an ancient ritual, seen commonly in churches. When one lights a candle, it is purely with the intention of seeking something. As you light the candle in front of the Lord, think positively that what you wish for, will surely be granted. This positivity is transferred to the candle and positive vibrations are set up in your favor. 

The lighting of candles in houses is now gaining popularity with many people of different communities. It could be just to beautify, celebrate an occasion or to actually bring in positive energy. We all know of candle-lit dinners. We just assumed that to be romantic. When the couple is sitting in just the light of some candles, it gives them a feeling of only them being in the room – a very personal feeling. The whole science about this romantic feeling is actually true. How?

When candles are lit with a positive attitude, it exudes more positive energy and so, the couple is pulled more towards each other due to positivity. The love between them increases.

How does one charge the atmosphere of the house or self? Actually, your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between ‘reality ‘and ‘what you think’. It will accept everything from you - whatever you think or assume, or what actually happens! So, always think positive and invite the correct vibes into your home or place of work with the help of candles. Nowadays, candles are lit in houses for various reasons - the most common is ‘house blessing’. 

The shape and color of candle have a lot to do with the kind of energy you are inviting into the house. They are linked to the emotion involved, too.

Color pink is associated with Venus, the Goddess of love. It brings energy of love and kindness in the house. It promotes friendship by raising positive vibration between people and is ideal for weddings and all forms of emotional unions. If you want to get the correct emotion going between you and your partner, do the following-

Get pink colored new candles from the market. Wash the candles before using them to remove any negativity collected on them. Place the candles in the centre of the home and let it burn for at least an hour. Never blow out a candle by using your breath. Lighting these candles will bring harmony among family members. When you are with your lover make sure you use pink, or to generate more passion and sexuality, you can use red candles in the room. Seriously believe that these candles will bring in the energy you are praying for. Only then will it be a success or else it won’t have any effect.

Always burn the candle wishing for you. Avoid lighting for others. When you want love in your house, you light the candle. The atmosphere will get positively charged and automatically transfer love vibes to the other members.
Try it. You will enjoy the experience.


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