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What is in Your Karma

What is in Your Karma

Karma is more of a buzzword nowadays. It brings on a Tantric or mystic flair onto your conversation, and that apparently is cool nowadays. But how much do we know about Karma, and do we have the right perception about it? The vague general understanding is that it has got something to do with your deeds and faith. Expert Vedic astrologers at astroYogi explain the essence of karma here.

Everything in the universe is undergoing change, but if we zoom out and look at it, the whole energy in the universe remains the same. Let’s take help from the Law of conservation of energy here, which says, “energy can neither be created nor be destroyed; it can only be transferred or changed from one form to another”. So even if you are a non-believer, you should acknowledge the fact that whatever the energy you behold and which fuels your body will remain here even after your death. What gives direction to this energy in your body is the information which your mind holds. This information is accumulated in your mind from your circumstances, and also from the interactions and observations. So we could say that life energy is charged with the information you hold in your mind and your character (which drives your actions) is formed according to the type of information that has gone into you.

But there is a lot more information stored in your mind than what you picked up from your life. Your subconscious is aware of the whole story of life- how life started till what is going on in your life now. The growth stages of a human embryo show a brief depiction of the evolution that has happened over millions of years. Our growth and regular metabolism have never been the domain of our conscious mind. The conscious mind of ours is too zoomed into life and immature when compared to the subconscious that, we even fail to acknowledge the existence of subconscious. Actually subconscious is connected to the whole of the universe and it attracts circumstances, people, and objects into our lives according to the inputs or thoughts which are happening in the conscious mind. Your Karma starts with your thoughts, then it transcends to what you say and do and then later on it can also develop into a habit.

 What we need to understand here is the fact that, each thought that we are having, is part of the overall change that is happening in the universe and it triggers the subsequent reactions which are also the part of this ongoing change. What you attract and have in your life is a result of what you think and that is what karma is all about.

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