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What is in Sanjay Dutt`s Horoscope Which Makes His  Life so Turbulent?

What is in Sanjay Dutt`s Horoscope Which Makes His Life so Turbulent?

Sanjay Dutt, one of the most colourful superstars of Bollywood, is the son of veteran actors, the dashing Sunil Dutt and the beautiful Nargis Dutt. He is one of the most controversial and loved the actor who has led one of the most turbulent lives; so much so that it was ‘interesting enough’ to be made into a biopic.

Born on 29 July, Sanjay Dutt is a Leo. If one goes by his zodiac sign, Leo being a Fixed Sign, has Sanju baba opinionated and stubborn about certain things in life.

When one studies his horoscope, the main indication of Sanju’s turbulent and transformative life is that he was born as a Scorpio Ascendant. Their lives are bound to be full of ups and downs. They are one of the most violent of the zodiac and have a natural tendency of self-destructive behaviour.

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Vedic astrology believes in ‘Karma’ and Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Ketu. The later shows our karmic debt from past life. So ‘Jyotishacharyas’ believe that by his actions, Sanju is paying off his past life's karmic debt.

As a youngster, he used to collect the leftover cigarette buds from the film producers, who used to throw it out of the window and smoke those, till he was caught and thrashed by his father.

Being sent by his parents to a boarding school for studies went down badly with the deadly Dutt. He felt he was being punished. In spite of asking to be called back home, Sunil didn’t head the plea of the child as he thought it was for Sanjay’s good.

When he finally came home, it was to a family that was too busy to have time for him. A Leo likes attention and feeling left out, was what made him indulge in nefarious activities. Mars and Ketu also represent weapons and Sanju thus got involved in the controversy of the bomb explosion. His father died one year before Sanjay Dutt completed his jail term in connection with the 1993 Bombay blasts case. Sunil Dutt was like his ‘Guru’ as Sun is well placed in the House of Gurus in his birth chart.

The exalted Moon in the 7th House resulted in the ‘original bad boy’ of Bollywood to have a great emotional relationship with his mother. Her death escalated Sanju’s wrongdoings and he took to drugs to maybe alleviate his pain of the loss. Sanjay has been honest enough to admit openly that there is not a single drug he hasn’t tried. He allowed the wound of her loss to fester for 3 long years before he finally broke down on hearing her voice on tape and cried for 4 continuous days.

Marriage with Richa Sharma could have tamed the lion, but fate and karma joined hands again and snatched her away from him within 2 years of marriage. He had a daughter with Richa, but Ketu in the fifth house had a role to play in separating him from her and he lost custody of her to Richa’s parents.

Ketu in the fifth house of his birth chart and Mars in the 10th house, fortunately, helped him have a creative career and even after dishing out quite a few flop movies, he always had a sizeable chunk of the audience, baying for more. Also, Leos’ have an animal magnetism that draws followers towards them.

Sanju’s horoscope reveals all this and much more and thus his life has to have a story of epic proportion to recount.


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