The Reason Men Love Deepika Padukone - A Capricorn

Just the mention of the name Deepika Padukone, brings to the mind, a beautiful ,dimpled,girl-next-door, who is a versatile actor with an athletic grace. Any normal, hot-blooded man would be in awe of such a woman because an average male dotes on beauty with brains. Add to that, any connection with sports....and they are sold! 

Deepika has inherited her athletic figure through the blood line of Mr. Prakash Padukone, the beauty of a Kannada Dravidian born in Denmark, the poise and attitude of a South Indian culture-bred individual and the blessings of a hard-working Capricorn. That lovely accent ,the cute face, the figure that carries off not only the graceful saree but also every other western outfit! A perfect example of East meets West! A girl who could not only be a dream date but also be introduced comfortably to the family! With these wonderful traits in her, she obviously is, irresistible to the opposite sex. With the height that she is blessed with, catch a man's eye not being diverted to her, if she walks into a room! Being a Show-Stopper - thanks to her numerous ramp modellings - she knows how to carry herself well. The poise, the grace and that beautiful smile can be nothing else other than a total turn-on for the male species! 

And if there were some resistant ones; the fact, that she publically admitted her depression, can make the strong want to molly-coddle her.

The fact that she's been chosen to act alongside Vin Diesel in the next release of Fast And Furious series...tells all ! 

As Deepika started her career in Om Shanti Om, alongside Shah Rukh Khan, she portrayed a cultured and modern individual with ease. She spanned the decade with the likes of an outgoing, next-generation girl in Love Aaj Kal and Cocktail; the Utopian intellectual beauty in Chennai Express and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani; the homely and familial girl in Piku; the warrior in BajiRao Mastani etc. Her awesome moves in Ram-Leela can only set fire to men's imagination.

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It is surprising, after such fame and stardom in such a short time; she has never failed to make appearances socially - another feather in her cap! She has also become the face of the female youth of the country; coming out with a powerful video demanding the fairer sex to fight for equality - thereby making men with daughters too, to ode on her for a different reason ! 

It's win-win all the way for Deepika Padukone...and oh 'MAN'...does she or does she not deserve it! 


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