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The Connection Between Numerology And Astrology

The Connection Between Numerology And Astrology

While Astrology is the study of the movements and positions of the celestial objects and their effect on our life, Numerology deals with the occult significance of numbers and names. Both may seem to have no connection with each other, but are, in many ways, closely related. They have been around for centuries and when we understand them both together, we realise that one reinforces the other.

Both Numerology and Astrology are metaphysical sciences that can be used as tools to teach you about yourself and provide you with solutions and insights about your life.

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Astrology uses the birth chart of the native to guide him through life.  Expert astrologers make the birth chart using the time of the native’s birth and with complicated calculations derived from the planetary positions of the Sun, Moon and other Stars, at that time. The calculation of angles, degrees, signs, houses etc, while making the birth chart using the divisions of a 360-degree circle; all require numbers and have been assigned meanings based on them.

Numerologists study the various numbers in a native’s life, the relationship between them and its effect on the native. They calculate the native’s numerological number, based on his date of birth and name. They believe that each number vibrates differently, attracting both positive and negative energies and is responsible for the native’s personality, success/failure in life. 

Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and mathematician, first identified the energy associated with each vibrating number.

When Einstein gave us his mathematical theories and explanation of the order in the Universe, he spoke about astrology and numerology and the vibrations that are given out through the numbers. The numbers form the basis of our universe and explain the way human psyche works.

Thus, both Numerology and Astrology depend heavily on mathematics. It is not possible to read a birth chart if one has a poor understanding of the meaning and symbol of the numbers. While numerologists may not need to have a complete understanding of astrology for their reading, but understanding some basic planetary influences, can greatly augment the reading. This is because, each number from 0 to 9, is ruled either by the Moon or the Sun or a planet and is also traditionally associated with an astrological sign of the zodiac. Thus, Zero is ruled by the planet Pluto, one by the Sun, two by the Moon, three by Jupiter, four by Rahu (3/4 the Moon’s ascending Node), five by Mercury, six by Venus, seven by Ketu (3/4 the Moon’s descending Node), eight by Saturn and nine by Mars.

Similarly, the first sign of the Western zodiac, Aries, is ruled by Mars, the second sign, Taurus, is ruled by Venus and so on.

Thus, numerology can be used in conjunction with astrology. They both can be integrated (Called Astro-Numerology) and used inter connectedly in mapping a native’s horoscope and finding meanings in their life. Some Numerologists claim Numerology to be the number version of Astrology.

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