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Tarot Reading Evokes the Communication With Your Subconscious

Tarot Reading Evokes the Communication With Your Subconscious

Getting in touch with your subconscious requires patience, concentration and practice. It is an incredibly profound and spiritual process. All of us have that sixth sense in us which is developed more in some gifted people and in those who have trained themselves to use it well.

The ‘subconscious’ and the ‘superconscious’ are those ‘parts’ of your brain where you don’t visit often. ‘The clues are all there at the back of your mind for you to decipher’ is an expression used often by others when we seek their advice. The answers for many of our queries will be glaring right at us; but the fact that many of us do not know how to tap our subconscious for the correct answers, is what makes us stumble on our life path. Tarot believes that most of our subconscious or unconscious is filled with a tapestry of pictures or images that just need deciphering. It is thus, an occult science; a knowledge of the hidden.

And this is where the tarot readers step in; to help you take the right decisions in your life yourself, by connecting with your subconscious mind to recognize these images. They are like your fairy Godmothers who guide you gently in the right direction to improve your life.

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Tarot reading works best when the client is able to get in touch with his subconscious and communicate with it in such a way that he can align his emotions to understand and support what he is seeking. Communicating with his subconscious will help him identify and eliminate beliefs that could be stopping him from achieving the goals he set for himself. So, he simply has to concentrate while being escorted into his own subconscious with an experienced hand and discover the various possibilities. The tarot reader himself does not give you any answer to your query, but helps you form a decision yourself. 

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To connect with your sub consciousness, one needs to be deeply relaxed and in a meditative state, allowing the conscious mind to rest. It’s why tarot reading should be done in a quiet place. Once you have done this, the pathway to your subconscious becomes clear and you have broken through the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional barriers that may have existed which were restraining you from seeing the obvious.

During Tarot reading programme, when the client is confused about a decision to be taken, the Tarot reader simply helps him/her form a bridge to the undiscovered parts of his/her own awareness and programmes it by language. The pictures and images in the tarot cards are associated in mass consciousness with specific ideas, thoughts, events, actions and feelings. Many meanings arise directly from the pictures while many images are converted to text/language that a reader recognizes with practice. There are no ‘filler’ words in the cards and so the reader communicates with the pictures or just by observation. This can only be done when the reader and client connect with their subconscious to decipher what the cards foretell.

So tarot reading helps evoke that connect with your subconscious to bring peace in your mind too.

Traditionally Yours,



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