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Seventh House Of The Birth Chart

Seventh House Of The Birth Chart

The seventh house in the horoscope is the native sign for Libra and is ruled by the planet Venus. It is the House of Partnership.

With the seventh house, the focus in the horoscope shifts from self to the ‘other’.This house tells of the relations we will have in our partnerships-whether it is in marriage, in business or in conversations with people. The interactions with them will be of a compromising nature for our mutual benefit and mutual need.The seventh house focusses on our desires and so our ‘sense of self’ is at its lowest here.

Whether these partnerships are useful to you or cause destruction, can be appraised from this house.

Physical attributes, like the sacrum/lower pelvic area are affected by the seventh house.It thus, will tell you about native’s carnal interest/disinterest, illness of reproductive system, ability to sire children.

Lets now look at the varied impact of the nine planets on the Seventh House-

Sun - When Sun is in the seventh house, relationships will mean serious commitment for you. You will make every effort to maintain peace in every relationship.Your helpful nature will make you give advice to people even when not needed.Sun in this house will give them courage to handle difficult situations with ease.

Moon - Moon in the seventh house will give softness and sensitivity in your relationships with people. You will get emotionally involved in your love life and deeply attached to your life partner. In life, you will need ‘that someone ‘to understand you, support you and on whom you can lean. People will trust you for being sincere and true.

Mars - When Mars is in the seventh house it will make you impatient and aggressive while dealing with people. And so, you will not have the best of relations with the outside world. You will get married with difficulty and even after marriage, because of conflicts and quarrels at home, life will not be very smooth.

Mercury - The presence of Mercury in the seventh house, will give you good marketing skills and you will do well in relations with the public. Where conjugal relations are concerned, you could face a little difficulty with spouse as you think adopting same attitude at home as in public, could win them over.

Jupiter - Jupiter in the seventh house will give you strength and understanding of how to maintain relations. You will be warm hearted and calm while dealing with people.Your humanitarian, flexible and wiser nature ensures you have respect from all.

Although, always being nice comes at a personal cost and you could be disappointed in others.

Venus - Venus will make you soft from inside and your good nature will make you the ‘giver’ in relationships. You will bond well with people because of your sincerity, warmth and affectionate nature. You will have a stable relation in marriage.

Saturn -  When Saturn is in the seventh house, you will have a regular but strong conjugal life, with both partners facing the ups and downs together. Saturn could make you stubborn, because of which you may not have many friends. But you will be deeply attached to the ones you have.

Rahu - Rahu in seventh house will make you dominating in nature and wont allow you to form strong bonds with people. You will not trust them and they too, in return, will cheat you. You will have difficulty in getting married and face problems in the domestic front too.

Ketu - When Ketu is benefic in the seventh house, you will do well in your work inspite of being domineering. You could be a powerful figure in society.

But when Ketu is malefic, you would not have easy life as your lies and disloyalty will hamper relations with people. You will marry late and  there will be frequent trust issues even with spouse.

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