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Numerology: What`s in for you?

Numerology: What`s in for you?

Have you ever wondered about those strange spellings, and extra alphabets looking frivolous in people’s names during the opening credits of a movie? These strange spellings are supposed to make an impact on their destiny and luck. People who believe in Numerology are no minnows, they are smart and successful people, who we call the cream of the society. But can we also add a few alphabets and then wait for the serendipity in our lives? How does it work? Astroyogi’s expert numerologists explain the basics of numerology and how it works.

Numerology is an occult art which is pretty simple to understand. Two major considerations in Numerology is your Life path number, derived from your date of birth and then your full name, which would be converted to a number. Each alphabet is assigned a value in numbers. Basically, there are eleven numbers used to construct a numerology chart and they are: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 and 22. Any number above these, obtained by adding the date of birth or values assigned to the alphabets of  full name will be reduced to single digits or the master numbers (11 and 22), by adding the two digits of those numbers. Find out,what your life path number is telling about your destiny.

Each of these numbers in the numerology chart is associated with certain personal attributes and cosmic vibration. A numerologist analyzes these digits to interpret your destiny and personal characteristics. So that explains why people are adding those extra alphabets, if they are not happy with their sum total they simply try and change the figures. Counter-intuitive to most our perception numerology is not just an occult art, it is pure mathematics consecrated with the interpretation of a numerologist to assuage our anxieties about life. There is math behind everything in nature. Actually, the purpose of Maths is to measure, analyze and plan things. That is whence, we built the technology to land our space shuttle on mars with the precision of microseconds.

The founder of Numerology is one of the greatest mathematicians in history, Pythagoras. The Pythagoras theorem might have been a nightmare during your school days, but Numerology can be a boon for most of your adulthood if you seek an expert numerologist’s help.  L. Dow Balliett and Florence Campbell revived this ancient occult art with a series of publications containing their findings and observations about Numerology.  To know more about numerology and how it can help you in your life consult the best numerologists in India.

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