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Narsingh Yadav - Beating The Odds

Narsingh Yadav - Beating The Odds

The one piece of news that people were following with bated breath finally got its satisfactory ending. Narsingh Pancham Yadav is exonerated from all the dubious allegations of drug-use and is allowed to participate in the Rio Olympics, 2016. He was bombarded with problems ever since he recieved the ticket for the Olympics. While this lays threadbare the politics of the game, the stars of his fate also didn’t leave any stone unturned in making the life of the stalwart a living hell. The astrologers of astroYogi have tried to map Narsingh Yadav’s forthcoming performance on the basis of his birthchart and the arrangement of the stars at the moment. Let us learn more about what lies ahead for this dedicated player.

Name: Narsingh Pancham Yadav

Date of Birth: 6th August, 1989

Place of Birth: Varanasi, India

Time of Birth: 6 am

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On the basis of the details provided above, his birth took place in the Ascendant Cancer. His moon sign is Virgo. There is an indication of the mahadasha of Rahu and the antardasha of Mercury. Rahu has also taken up residence in Pratyantar.

Sun is ruling his birth ascendant - Cancer. However, Cancer being a variable rising sign, roadboacks aren’t much of an obstacle for its natives and they continue moving forward. The natives of the zodiac Virgo are stubborn creatures. Once they put their mind to something, it’s impossible for them to get distracted. Gaj Kesari Yoga, Kartari Yoga, Varishta Yoga, Saral Yoga are the few auspicious Yogas that were formed at the time of his birth. The placement of Mars, Venus and Mercury blesses him with a wholesome body and voice. Men like these are considered ferocious and enjoy recognition in military and sports. Upon studying his yearly horoscope, it becomes clear that the sign Libra is progressed ascendant. This creates the same yoga as during the time of his birth, as much of a rarity as it is. Therefore, this is a very fortunate period for him and there are high chances of victory.

Period of Rahu (Dasha) - Ridicule at Home, Medals galore Abroad

The biggest worry for him is the Dasha of Rahu currently. No wonder he had to battle hardships and difficulties depsite reaching the summit of success. Disingenuous accusations leveled against him marked the road to the Rio Olympics. astroYogi astrologers are convinced that the Dasha gave rise to less than pleasant situations but the distance from the birthplace assists Rahu in helping the hardwork pay off. Here is hoping and expecting that he beats his stars as well as the foreign players with immense success. 


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