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Movie Analysis From An Astrological Perspective: Tumhari Sulu

Movie Analysis From An Astrological Perspective: Tumhari Sulu

The comedy-drama, Tumhari Sulu, saw quite a few opening dates, before settling for a 17 th November 2017, release. Directed by the noted ad filmmaker, Suresh Triveni, the film has Vidya Balan in the lead female role and Manav Kaul as the male lead. This is Suresh Triveni’s maiden film and according to him, Tumhari Sulu was handcrafted and written keeping Vidya Balan in mind.

Tumhari Sulu is about a middle-class house-wife, Sulochana, from Mumbai, who turns a radio jockey, to realise her dreams. Vidya Balan’s affable character, her positive and happy demeanour in the film, comes effortlessly and naturally to her. This is the second movie after ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’, in which she is playing the role of an RJ.


Suresh claimed to find Vidya extremely easy to work with. Her habit of not interfering with his direction and giving suggestions only when asked for, added to her appeal.

Manav is a known theatre personality who has mostly played negative roles. He has to his credit, some films that he has directed and is a writer himself. Tumhari Sulu, being a woman-oriented film, the presence of a ‘better-known’ Bollywood hero, may have watered down the plot. Manav has given a restrained performance in the film, not going overboard with any dramatics.

Neha Dhupia as the supporting actress and Ayushmann in a cameo role, make the movie more loveable.

Tumhari Sulu, being a clean, entertaining movie, can be watched comfortably with the family.

The voluptuous Vidya Balan, who has always enjoyed doing challenging roles, has had a series of ‘not very noticeable’ movies since the 2012 thriller, Kahaani. Born on 1st January, Vidya is a Capricorn. The year, 2017, for Capricorns, has promised to be one of the most ambitious and successful years, career-wise, in over a decade. The lucky Jupiter being on top of the Capricorn chart this year will help this very talented actress get back her recognition in her professional life.

Vidya Balan’s, Begum Jaan, released in the first half of this year, gathered much critical and commercial acclaim. Only an actress who is so bold and daring as Vidya, could have pulled off the role of a middle-aged prostitute/pimp with so much ease. Although the film was an average grosser, it brought Vidya back into the lime light.

The release of Tumhari Sulu, will also see the near completion of the long rotation of the ruling planet, Saturn, in the Capricorn chart. As Saturn returns to Capricorn on December 19, after its 29-year cycle, it will be time to start afresh. Vidya can use the ringed planet’s structured energy, to re-align her career prospects.

Meanwhile, the audience could definitely relate to the slice of life film, Tumhari Sulu and fall in love with the sweet, simple, bubbly, happy-go-lucky middle-class, Sulu, who show-cases the different shades of a woman, dreaming big. What could take away one star from it’s rating would be the sudden shift from the light-hearted first half of the movie to the serious drama in the second half.



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