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Colours and You!

Colours and You!

Which colour can bring you luck and enhance your day? Based on your birth number find out about colours which can change your fortune!

1.  If your birth number is 1 colours that are considered to be lucky for you are- all shades of brown, gold ,yellow, golden brown.

2.  If your birth number is 2 all shades of green, white are considered to be lucky for you.

3.  If your birth number is 3 pink, violet, blue and purple are lucky for you.

4.  If your birth number is 4 electric blues and greys are considered to be lucky for you.

5.  If your birth number is 5 light green and white is considered to be lucky.

6.  If your birth number is 6 all shades of blue, rose and pink are considered to bring you luck.

7.  If your birth number is 7 all shades of green, white and yellow are lucky for you.

8.  If your birth number is 8 black, dark blue and purple will bring you luck.

9.  If your birth number is 9 red, maroon, orange, and rose pink will bring you luck!


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