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Australia vs New Zealand - ICC World Cup 2015 Finals Astrology Prediction

Australia vs New Zealand - ICC World Cup 2015 Finals Astrology Prediction

The ICC World Cup 2015 finale, New Zealand vs Australia showdown is going to be held on 29th March’15 in Melbourne.

New Zealand has given an electrifying performance as they remain unbeaten at the World Cup. They have been an absolute delight to watch and their performance against South Africa actually was an example why no one managed to beat them throughout the tournament. This will be New Zealand’s first World Cup final and without a doubt they are in good form to take the title home.

But none beats Australia’s penchant for attack and winning has been their way of life. They comprehensively reiterated their champion credentials in their match against India. Australia is quite ahead of New Zealand when it comes to history. Not to mention the phenomenal World Cup record of winning the title four times.

Both the teams have played against each other nine times at the earlier versions of ICC World Cup. The finale has been termed as “battle between the brothers” and to see who wins the final battle astroYogi astrologers analyze the birth chart of both the captains. This is what their prediction has to say:

Brendon McCullum, Captain of New Zealand cricket team, was born on 27th September, 1981 in Dunedin, New Zealand. According to his name Brendon, his name sign is Taurus with Venus being the dominant planet. On the day of the match, Moon will be in the third house from Taurus that is Cancer and this will be a beneficiary position. Confluence of Moon and Jupiter in Cancer will favor him and bring him recognition. However, the dominant planet Venus shall remain at Aries, 12th house from Taurus which may not be very healthy as it brings loss along with it and will disempower the positive attributes he possesses.

Looking as his sun sign - Libra, Moon will be at the 10th house that is Cancer. This will be excellent for his career and he will be strong enough to face his opponents.

Michael Clarke, Captain of Australia cricket team, was born on 2nd April, 1981 in Liverpool, Australia. His name sign is Leo with Sun being the dominant planet. On 29th March, Moon will remain at the 12th house and Cancer will be weak. This implies stars and planets may not be completely in his favor and he may face a difficult time. Moreover, his dominant planet will be at the 8th house which is again an unfavorable planetary position which will affect his confidence levels. However, Mars favors Clarke and his team.

According to his sun sign Aries, the Moon at the 4th house will favor him and bring happiness. It will have a positive impact on his career coupled with the presence of Mars which will empower his inner self. This planetary movement will help him to dominate his competitors.

New Zealand will win the toss and elect to bat first according to astroYogi astrologers as the ruler of the hour (around 14:30 hours) is Venus. The stars favor New Zealand from the beginning and hopefully they should be able to clinch the ICC World Cup 2015 title. But Australia will give them stiff competition and will leave no stones unturned to retain their reputation in international cricket.


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