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5 Things To Be Kept In Mind Before Tying The Knot

5 Things To Be Kept In Mind Before Tying The Knot

While Kundli matching and checking Zodiac compatibility may seem to be the key to a happy married life, it is seen that inspite of this, divorce and separation rate in couples today are on the rise. This is because, in the fast paced world of today, both the parties have no time to listen to the other’s opinion and are reluctant to compromise. In such a situation, it is now advised to be practical and discuss some of the common issues that badger most of the couples ; before tying the knot.

  • Kundli Matching:

In India, where arranged marriages are still common, the concept of ‘Kundli matching’ of the couple, before tying the knot, is believed to be the most reliable bet for a successful marriage even now.

In Vedic astrology, horoscopes are matched based on Nakshatras (Guna Milap), and the higher the number of matching points for factors influencing marriage, the more successful would be the alliance. After all, if the interests are common, how could the compatibility not be high?And so, no questions are asked after that and the knot is tied ! And if it is a love marriage, families simply compromise if the Kundlis don't match, by following various remedies provided by astrologers for low compatibility.

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  • Zodiac Compatability:

There are many love-birds who rely heavily on zodiac compatibility while courting and before tying the knot, as it helps give them important clues about the nature, the positives and the negatives of the zodiac sign their partner belongs to. And so, the couple works on their relationship from there.

Following are some common issues that need to be discussed before tying the knot, whether there is Vedic or Zodiac compatibility between the two:

  • Religion:

Incase of an intercaste marriage, is the girl expected to change her religion and adopt his? Would it even be justified to ask her to switch religions? Is it the husband who wants the wife to change her religion, or is it what his parents want? More importantly, which religion will the children be expected to follow?

  • Residence:

Where would they stay-his place or hers? Or are they sensibly going to choose a place that is convenient for both, and could also make it easier to commute to both their work places (if both are working away from home). Would they stay with his parents or alone? Staying with in-laws has been a major bone of contention in most marriages as after some time, the women normally don't see eye to eye.

Although its assumed that babies are the next step in marriage, do discuss this. There are many who do not want the additional responsibility of children.

  • Work:

Its better to clarify beforehand if the boy is open to the     girl having a job. If she is already working, would it create a problem if she continued, and if she is not working and is happy being a home-maker, would she be pressurised to pick up a job. If he is posted out, is she expected to quit her job and follow suit or can she pursue her career as she wishes? If both partners are working, are they expected to share a bank account? If a girl gets money from her parents(Which is quite common in India), will it be hers or theirs? These questions matter a lot in the long run.

All these may sound very petty issues when things are rosy, and the romance is new, but can turn real ugly in the long run, eventually leading to break ups or divorces.

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