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5 Major Impacts of The Recent Mercury Transit

5 Major Impacts of The Recent Mercury Transit

According to Vedic Astrology, Mercury is named ‘Budha’ because of the planets connection with intelligence and is considered to be a Prince among all the planets. Mercury is also called ‘Saumya’, which means “The son of Soma or Moon”. Mercury is friends with Saturn and Venus, is neutral with Sun and is enemies with Moon, Mars and Jupiter. In a ‘Kundali’, it is considered to be the ‘Karak' planet of the tenth house. When Mercury is strong in someone’s horoscope, the native will excel in activities related to business. Mercury blesses the native with wealth and intelligence, with good voice and skin when placed in an auspicious house.

Mercury has the distinction of being the only planet which is exalted in its own sign. It rules Gemini and Virgo and will be transiting from Leo to Virgo on September 27, 2017. This will have the following five major impacts on all the Zodiac signs-

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1) Career - Promotions at work could be around the corner for those who were waiting eagerly for one. There would be less interference from opponents at work place. For others, their hard work would be finally recognised and appreciated. While those who have been very laid back, their goal may appear to them even more far away. While some could face defamation, there is elevation in social status indicated for others.

2) Finance - Monetary gains is indicated for many with time spent in relaxed shopping and other outings. Native’s communication skills would be handy in improving finances. This could be a good period for investing wisely in property and other assets or there could be a loss in wealth. Some natives could be blessed with expansion in their business while some could face loss of wealth due to government authorities.

3) Travel - While travel for pleasure with family is indicated for some, business travels are also on the cards. But business journeys may not yield the desired result and native could be disappointed. Some may restlessly wander from place to place while getting no benefit from it.

4) Relationships - While some would be blessed with good relations at home, there are others who could face conflicts with spouse, other relatives and even friends. The conflicts would become worse with unnecessary arguments. For some, disagreements with enemies could get resolved, which would ease the strain in relationship with them. Children and parents would enjoy comforts and bring happiness.

Some may be blessed with a new member in their family. Youngsters in family may face education issues. Those looking for stabilising their love relationship, may face hurdles.

5) Health - Need of the hour is to be careful of both mental and physical health. While this period could cause mental strain for some, for others it could be some physical issues. Loss of appetite is indicated for some due to taking of unnecessary stress. Some legal actions taken against you might be the cause of mental strain. Neglecting health now may result in problems later. Natives need to take care of their nervous system, lungs and intestines.

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