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5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Made The Best Use Of Astrology In Their Career

5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Made The Best Use Of Astrology In Their Career

While there is no doubt that hard work, perseverance etc is the modus operandi for a satisfying career, Vedic astrology firmly believes that the position of the Planets and Stars at a particular time also plays an equally important role. As is commonly seen and experienced, you could be putting in your level best in your work, but somehow things don’t click. Similarly, everything could be going well and then there could be a sudden downfall without any visible reason.

The best use of astrology can be seen in the following Bollywood celebrities, who have used it to better their career-

1) Amitabh Bachchan - This famed superstar, the icon of Bollywood, the star who never looked back since his “Anand” days, faced a tough time when his company, ABCL, went bankrupt. Quoting Amitabh,” In 2000, when the world was welcoming the beginning of a new century, I was celebrating my disastrous fortune. There were no films, no money, no company, a million legal cases against me and the tax authorities had put notice of recovery on my home.”

From such a sorry state of affairs, Amitabh is back to where he belongs —as the ‘Shahenshah of Bollywood’! 

What brought about these changes? It was Amitabh’s belief in gem stones having astrological significance. The rings he started wearing after his debacle, are a combination of Emerald, Blue Saphire and Opal. Amitabh doesn’t hesitate to give credit to these gemstones that have given him celestial help and support during his trials and tribulations. The classical combination of his rings represents the powerful trinity of Venus, Mercury and Saturn.

2)  Salman Khan - The superstar’s turquoise stone bracelet has become his style statement. Gifted to him by his father, Salim Khan, almost 16 years back, Salman is never seen without it. Although Salman is not quite forthcoming about the astrological significance of the stone, calling it simply his lucky charm, the bracelet can be credited for his unprecedented success and adulation.

The turquoise stone has strong cosmic properties of protection and saves its wearer from evil and ill health. Along with giving a boost to career, it also imparts mental peace. And all this is easily seen in Salman, his comeback in films, getting acquitted in legal cases and softening of his volatile nature.

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3) Rani Mukherji - This super star actress wears an emerald in the little finger to harness the powers of Mercury. Mercury rules the emerald and plays an important role in directly controlling communication and speech, which is an important aspect of filmy career. When Rani started her career with her debut film, ‘Ghulam’, the Director Vikram Bhatt, was skeptical about her voice and accent. Her Hindi accent was different, which could be a big turn-off for the audience.

4) Ajay Devgn - Many actresses and actors have added or deleted letters from their names to bring them good luck, after consulting numerologists. For example, Ajay Devgan became Ajay ‘Devgn’ during the promos of his movie,’All the Best’ which ‘then’ did well at the box office. Ajay believes in Vastu Shastra and stones. The dropping of ‘a’ from his surname was for success in career, general well-being and happiness.

5) Shah Rukh Khan - The ‘Badshah of Bollywood’ firmly believes in numerology, specially for his vehicles. All his vehicles have ‘555’ on the number plate. In fact, he went a step further and even insisted on getting ‘555’ stamped on the number plate of his bike for the film, ’Chennai Express’. Well, the film was a hit in the box-office! 

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