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12 Tips on Finding the Right Husband

12 Tips on Finding the Right Husband

Finding the right life partner is not an easy task. Especially being a girl, it becomes a bigger challenge to find a man worth leaving your home for. Astrology can be a great way to know not only who matches best to your nature, but also to know who will stand as the most compatible person for you.  Have a look at this guide from astroYogi, to know who'll be the perfect husband for you, and what to expect from him! 


An Aries husband will be fun loving and exciting. He'll love you with all his heart but don't expect him chasing you all the time. He also has a tendency to get irritated, if his needs are not met with. Remember not to make him wait for too long! 


Taurean husbands are calm and quiet, very patient and quite humble.  However, you must know that showing too much of red to the bull can be very dangerous. So, don't test his patience! You'll find a very protective and loving man in him. This guy also loves the comfort of home and may often come up with the most romantic ideas, but at home! 


Gemini husbands are very loving but they aren't the ones who'll be expressing it every now and then. You'll find a great friend in a Gemini husband but stability and consistency issues may often surround them.


A Cancer husband is a complete family guy. You'll become his world. He'll be very possessive about you and may not appreciate too much of your being out and about! These guys can be moody and vulnerable, so knowing when to say what is very important with them. These guys are very loving and caring, but may not always show it.


Leo husbands are the typical romantics. Candle light dinner, sensual music, dim lights and some wine; you may often find this treatment coming your way. However, never try to dominate him as he'll not be taking one bit of it. Let him be free to do what his heart desires; don't worry! His heart will desire you the most! 


A Virgo husband is very responsible and caring. You will always find him standing by your side when you need him. He may not be a typical romantic since he puts in a lot of effort to improve his work and career. You may find it hard to get his attention at times, especially if he's busy with office work.


A Libran husband is extremely trustworthy. He loves with all his heart and will never fall short of his romantic gestures. The only time you'll need to take the first step will be when it comes to decision making. You'll see him quite confused when it comes to that.


A Scorpion husband will never fall short of the passion within him. His love for you will be intense. Remember not to play with his feelings, even if your intention is to just fool around with him. He is a jealous and possessive man and will not appreciate "close" male friends.


A Sagittarian husband is honest and straight forward. He'll right away let you know, if he dislikes something about you or if he's fond of a particular trait in you. His direct approach can sometimes hurt or offend you but he never does it intentionally. This guy is an incurable flirt; make sure you give him enough time or he'll end up displaying it to others! 


The Capricorn husband usually has a wall built around him. You will have to break down that cold wall and beneath it, you'll find a kind hearted, loving, and emotional man. It's just that he isn’t quite good at expressing so you'll need to keep an extra eye to see his feelings! 


An Aquarius man has way too many friends. He isn't one of those typical caring and romantic husbands.  That doesn't mean he isn't into you! It's just that this guy tries to keep a balance between his family and friends but succeeds rarely. So maybe he'll be completely indulged into his wife for a month and then the sudden realization of ignoring his friends might hit him, and off he goes for a night out with friends! 


Pisces husbands will often be seen depending on their better halves for love, comfort and support. His impractical plans and dreamy nature may keep him distracted, so you will have to drag him out of his unrealistic dreams. He may get swayed away. He is an amazing listener but will need his "alone-time" too! He will never shy away from expressing his love for you and you can build a home of your dreams with this sensitive guy.


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