Astrology Can Be Your GPS for Life

bell icon Tue, Feb 20, 2018
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Astrology Can Be Your GPS for Life

Astrology can be the GPS of your life. Just like how a SatNav (Satellite Navigation) helps you find your way onto the road you are searching for when you are lost, Astrology can be used to succour you in the actions needed to be taken and change of course in life that is in dire need of your attention. Astrology can disclose the smorgasbord of patterns of self-destructive behaviour and also forecast any challenges you may face in the near future. Finding your hidden talents can also be directed by the help of astrology. The world of astrology can indicate to you rewarding trends and assist you in taking advantage of these before they fade away.

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It can guide you to take control of your life. You, however, have free will. Your whole life is not scripted, but it develops as you interacts and reacts to the governing bodies and laws of the cosmos. Astrology will only guide us to help us ourselves. If you are going through a troublesome time or some hardships, astrology will, in fact, give you hope and let you know that the cosmos will get you back on your feet. In order to let astrology work for you, you will have to let the universe know of your intentions and be ready to get down to work. Life is not all a bed of roses. Sacrifices will have to be made in order to reach where you want to reach in life. After all, life is an adventure. 

Certain aspects of your horoscope will provide feedback and an opportunity for course corrections. Obstacles that put you to test will allow you to trust yourself with stronger determination to achieve your goals. Rewards are often undercover as challenges and it will be up to you to recognize it for its worth. Positive energy will always attract more positive energy. Astrology enables us to form realistic expectations and has our perspectives in crystal clarity. Destiny has great signals which are personality and character than any other quality. Your personality rules the response you receive from your environment. Provide 10 people with the same problem and you may get 10 different solutions or answers - this variety makes life exciting. In life, you will learn only through experience and experience alone. How you start responding to them is where you begin to learn about yourself. On the day of your birth, the pattern of the stars was absolutely unparalleled. These stars will never form the same pattern again, ever. It is like the human fingerprint. Once it made on 1 person's fingers, then there is none other like that. You were born in this world with a precious resource of 'time'. You cannot stop it or save it or buy more of it, therefore, use it to the maximum for the best utility. Astrology can genuinely guide you through all the different times in your life, all you have to do is pick up on the clues and act upon it. Destination reached! 

If things are going according to your plans, it’s good, if they are not it’s even better, because the cosmos is working out something for you and it will never mean harm to you.