Amy Winehouse- Back to Black

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Amy Winehouse Back to Black

Legendary singer Amy Winehouse is a five-time Grammy Award winning English singer-songwriter known for such remarkable hits as 'Rehab', ‘Love is a Losing Game,’ and 'You Know I'm No Good' among her other brilliant works. Her sudden death in her London apartment  has shaken the entire world. It’s hard to believe that we have lost such a talented soul at the age of 27! She was one of the most original and talented singer and guitarist in the present decade. Her talent was exceptional and her voice is known to have both power and pain.

Astrologically, she was influenced by Mercury, Saturn and Neptune and her ruling number was 5. She was rebellious and didn’t follow anyone’s dictates. Her flamboyant attitude helped her gain an enormous fan following.  

She was badly addicted to drugs and was also fighting an addiction to alcohol.  In many of her interviews she blamed herself for being addicted. Amy’s mother told a British Newspaper on Sunday that the singer was unwell a day before she died.

Her creative side was very different from other singers and Amy Winehouse is a perfect example of how a talented and sensitive Virgo with a huge influence of the planet Neptune will be like. She has been a troubled soul as long as we can remember. There were even times when these personal battles with drugs and alcohol overshadowed her brilliant side.

Musically, Amy Winehouse created a cross-cultural and cross-genre style not only in UK and US but also globally. She has been experimenting with an eclectic mix of jazz, soul, pop, reggae, world beat and R&B. When her Grammy nominations were announced, she was a clear winner from the beginning. There was no doubt she would take home the big prize.

Amy Winehouse developed a distinctive style of her own and her music reflected her personality. Her much talked about signature beehive hairstyle has become an inspiration for fashion designers, while her vulnerability, her fragile personality and self-destructive behaviour has given enough fodder to the tabloids and created numerous controversies.

She got married to Blake fielder on 18 May 2007 and forcefully divorced him on 16 July 2009. She was always against divorcing her husband and she claims to still be in love with her Blakey. "I still love my Blake. I won't let him divorce me." But after her divorce she fell very sick and before marriage she was suffering from depression and stress!  She gained the same illness and nervousness in double speed after her divorce.

The world has now lost a true star who has enthralled us all with her musical talents. For all Winehouse fans Back to Black will surely be a prized possession.