Amazing Astrology Insights on Gujarat Elections 2022!

Sat, Dec 03, 2022
Team Astroyogi   By Astro Nancy
Sat, Dec 03, 2022
Team Astroyogi   By Astro Nancy
Amazing Astrology Insights on Gujarat Elections 2022!

The Gujarat election is in full swing! India’s top political trio, BJP, Congress, and AAP, are the tough competitors. Speculations are rife on which party will win. Will the BJP retain control of Gujarat, or will Congress or APP seize power? Here's an astrological breakdown of the three major parties, which may provide some interesting insights into the election results.

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India’s three powerful political parties are working rigorously to prepare for the Gujarat Election 2022 results. The stage is set in the state for a triangular contest between the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party, Congress, and Aam Aadmi Party. Gujarat assembly elections are of particular importance in the country's politics. Moreover, given that this is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home ground, it is a question of prestige for both him and his party, BJP, the largest democratic party in the world. No wonder all three parties are fiercely demonstrating their political prowess for the Gujarat election, and are using road shows, rallies, and door-to-door campaigns to influence voters directly. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see which party the voters place their trust in.

What Are the Gujarat Election Dates in 2022?

The Gujarat Assembly Election 2022 is scheduled to be held in two phases. The first phase was carried out on 1st December 2022, and the second phase will take place on 5th December 2022. The result of this election will be announced on the Gujarat election result date set for 8th December 2022. The entire nation is speculating which party will take power in Gujarat this time, as the three parties are in fierce competition.

Let's use astrological analysis to predict which party will prevail in the Gujarat election in 2022.

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Astrological Analysis of the Horoscope of Bharatiya Janata Party

The first round of the Gujarat election 2022 was held on 1st December 2022. According to numerology, the number 1 is the symbol of Surya or the Sun. The Sun represents the successful power of the government. Number 1 is also a factor for a new journey, leadership, politics, and success in every field. As per astrology, the zodiac sign of the day of 1st December 2022 is Scorpio, and the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi's horoscope is of Scorpio ascendant. The Sun, which is in the 10th house, is in the Ascendant, along with Mercury and Venus. Mercury is ruling over the 11th house of victory.

Modi's date of birth is 17th September 1950; that is, according to numerology, the sum of the digits of his date of birth is 1+7+9+1+9+5+0=32 and 3+2=5. According to this, his Bhagyank or personal number is 5, and his personal year is also 5, which is compatible with the current date and current personal year. PM Modi announced the name of Bhupendra Patel as the Chief Ministerial candidate. Bhupendra Patel was born in Ahmedabad on 15th July 1962. According to numerology, Bhupendra Patel's personal year is 1, and the first phase polling date was also 1, which is favorable for this election.

During this time, Lord Sun in the ninth house of the Ascendant of Sagittarius and Lord Mercury in the seventh house is forming a powerful Raja Yoga. Jupiter's vision of this alliance of the Sun and Mercury gives special emphasis to it. On 1st December, Jupiter, the lord of the Ascendant of Sagittarius, is transiting in the 4th house, aspecting the Sun in the 10th and 12th houses. According to Bhupendra Patel, there is tough competition in this Gujarat election, but success will be in his favor on the strength of PM Modi's leadership and favorable horoscope.

Astrological Analysis of the Horoscope of Aam Aadmi Party

According to the date of formation of the AAP or Aam Aadmi Party, the Ascendant of this party is Capricorn, and its zodiac sign is Scorpio. Rahu-Sun conjunction in its 11th house and Mercury and Venus with exalted Saturn conjunction in the 10th house are forming Raja Yoga. Furthermore, the current personal year is ideal for AAP. The Sun and Mercury are in conjunction in the ninth house, Venus is positioned in the tenth house, and Saturn is in the ascendant. Jupiter is placed in the 3rd house and aspects both Bhagya Bhava (house of luck) and the 11th house, providing some optimism for success.

Arvind Kejriwal is the leader of this party, who was born on 16th August 1968. According to numerology, his personal year number is 3, and since Devguru Brihaspati or Jupiter, is his governing planet, this year is fortunate for him. Arvind Kejriwal is the Chief Minister of India's capital, Delhi, as well as the national convenor of AAP. He believes the AAP will win more than 92 of the 182 assembly seats in the Gujarat election 2022.

Astrological Analysis of the Horoscope of the Congress Party

Based on the foundation date of the Indian National Congress party, the horoscope of the Congress Party is Pisces ascendant and Sagittarius zodiac. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are located in the tenth house of the party's horoscope, while Jupiter is located in the ascendant. Meanwhile, Rahu-Ketu is transiting the 2nd and 8th houses of the Pisces sign, which is not promising for the party’s electoral success. Along with this, the Moon is also in the 12th house, which is not a favorable position. This party was founded on 2nd January 1978, which means the current personal year number is 9. The personal year numbers of other parties are favorable to the current personal year numbers, while this year is not looking particularly favorable for the Congress organization.

History of Gujarat Legislative Assembly

Assembly elections were held for the first time in Gujarat in 1960. Following that, from 1960 to 1975, the Congress party held power in this state. However, there was a significant shift in power following the Emergency. Madhav Singh Solanki, a seasoned leader, was entrusted with controlling the state's reins. He rose to prominence in Gujarat politics. In 1985, he won 149 seats for the Congress party, a huge accomplishment for any party, even today. Gujarat's power was overturned again in 1990. The BJP and the Janata Dal came together to form the government of Gujarat. Even though this alliance did not last long, the BJP had achieved supremacy over the people of Gujarat by then. As a result, the BJP ran a lone campaign in 1995 and won 121 of the 182 seats in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. Keshubhai Patel's leadership allowed the BJP to usher in a new era in Gujarat politics. Keshubhai Patel was removed from office in 2001, and Narendra Modi was given the position of Chief Minister as a result of his loss in the by-elections.

What Does Astrology Predict for Gujarat Assembly Election 2022?

The Gujarat Legislative Assembly consists of a total of 182 seats. According to past statistics, the Bharatiya Janata Party has ruled the state government for a long time for nearly three decades. The BJP, AAP, and Congress are all firmly in the running for power in 2022. If we are to go by the astrological analysis, this year's Gujarat election results are very mixed. After the analysis of the horoscope of the three parties, the BJP appears to be regaining power. At the same time, AAP can give BJP tough competition. In such a circumstance, the vote share of the Congress party may be significantly impacted.

Last but not least, the Gujarat election 2022 is a high-stakes battle, and only time will tell what the outcome of the Gujarat election results will be!

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