All You Need to Know About Nadi Astrology!

Thu, Jul 22, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Jul 22, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
All You Need to Know About Nadi Astrology!

What all comes into your mind the moment you hear the word astrology? Do you imagine the wilderness of a forest amidst which a sage is sitting below a banyan tree and lost deep in meditation? How about asking him a question about your future?  

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He would readily open up the factual descriptions of astrology written on palm leaves and tell you about your past, present and future. This is exactly what nadi astrology refers to in the modern era. 


What Exactly is Nadi Astrology?

Nadi astrology basically refers to an ancient system of astrology that was prevalent in the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu during the historical period. It is based on the concept that the learned ancient sages who had anticipated the events of future have already jotted down their predictions about the human race. 

It is believed that the future of every individual can be predicted with the help of the information written on the palm leaves. This astrology is so old that it has been given a special place in the world of astrology. 

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What is so unique about nadi astrology is that the sages who have recorded the fate of the entire human species knew about those who were already dead, those who were living during their time and even those who would be born after thousands of years. 


Who Were The Masterminds Behind Nadi Astrology?

The term ‘Nadi’ means ‘to be searching for’ and indicates the fact that every person is in a constant search to know about the deeds of their past and the fruits of their future. It is the most ancient form of astrology and it needs expert knowledge and guidance to study this subject and provide accurate predictions to people. 


The sages who are believed to have written the descriptions of the fate of human beings have focused on the different aspects of human life. Due to this reason, the nadi astrology texts are divided as per the context of the future of humans and the name is derived from the name of the sage who wrote it. 


Therefore, Nadi astrology is divided into Kaushika Nadi, Agasthiya Nadi, Brahma Nadi and Suka Nadi. And these texts are written in a poetical form that can be deciphered only by the expert linguists of Tamil language who have a great deal of experience in understanding the words and uncomplicating the ancient meanings for the people who belong to the modern era. 


What Should You Know Before Consulting A Nadi Astrology Expert?

Since Nadi astrology is an ancient astrological system with a great deal of complications, it is important to know some basic truths about it. Since these palm leaves are found only in the hard-core Tamil language, it is difficult for the common person to understand it thoroughly. 


Another important fact that many people do not know about nadi astrology is that it can tell about your past and present with utmost clarity but when it comes to telling your future, then its accuracy cannot be expected.  Now chat with astrologer in few clicks!


The main cause behind the uncertainty of the future predictions using nadi astrology is that the ultimate truth of what lies in future is known only to the almighty and no human being, no matter how learned he is, can tell about the fate of another person with 100% certainty. 


But the ancient sages and their knowledge was true to some extent and therefore, the remedies that they have prescribed are extremely effective and will bring benefit to every individual. 


What is Nadi Dosh?


Thus, we can conclude that nadi astrology can be taken as a complicated system of astrology but its effectiveness is at par with the other astrological systems and therefore, it is highly recommended that you do give a try at it. 


You can also contact an Nadi Astrologer to know more about this unique form of astrology and get all your queries answered. There is a high possibility that you find the solutions to your problems right there in the palm leaves written thousands of years ago. 


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