Alia Bhatt – Astro Analysis of the Multitalented Bollywood Star

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Alia Bhatt – Astro Analysis of the Multitalented Bollywood Star

One of the most creative and dynamic youngsters, one who brought with her so much freshness in the film industry, who never balked at any of the silly jokes made at her expense, and someone who, despite having come from a completely filmy background, has proved her mettle in this cut-throat industry, is none other than Alia Bhatt. Daughter of one of the most successful producers, directors and screenwriters, Mahesh Bhatt and actress, Soni Razdan, Alia began her career as a child artist in Bollywood.

Born on 15th March, Alia is a Pisces. Being a Water sign, Alia is shy, artistic, creative, peace-loving, a dreamer, compassionate, impressionable, spiritual, on the positive side and on the negative side, her zodiac sign makes her supersensitive, introverted and reclusive. Overall, this beautiful girl’s positive expression is charity and negative expression is anxiety. Pisces is a mutable sign, makes the native rely on flexibility, experiences, and memories.

Pisces are truly artistic and Alia is not only a wonderful actress but also dances well. To unwind, she loves to paint. Pisceans’ artistic side can be a great way to manage health and wellness. This zodiac finds their mental peace and tranquility through their creativity. However, being such an emotional and sensitive sign, it is advised that they should keep their emotions in check. Astrologers suggest that Pisces should practice yoga, meditation or aromatherapy during the year to maintain good health. Releasing some stress through dancing, as Alia does, could wonders for Pisceans. Be sure to include even more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Priority should also be given to sufficient rest along with adequate exercises. A tension free mind is a must to be able to concentrate at work.

For Alia, the year may prove stressful with her new movie releases; Kalank alongside Varun Dhawan and Aditya Roy Kapoor in the month of April, and Brahmastra co-starring Ranbir Kapoor to be realized around Christmas. Brahmastra has been bringing in a lot of gossip and rumors, as the two co-stars who confirmed that they have been dating mid-last year, will finally be seen on screen together! However, astrologers predict that with the Moon and Venus in Pisceans’ eighth house, and Rahu in the fifth house, there could be some trouble for the natives when it comes to their love life.

Her recent movie release, Gully Boy, in February 2019 co-starring Ranveer Singh, has emerged as Bhatt's highest-grossing release, with global earnings of over ₹2.43 billion (US$34 million). Having had a great start to a successful financial year, Pisces rely on their decision-making skills while handling their finances, instead of simply relying on their luck. Past investments are also likely to yield profits during October and November. Pisces natives should work hard during the months of April-May to have a successful year ahead. Working hard with movie promotions and film-screenings could bring in good ratings for Bhatt’s career.

This adorable actress has been doing amazingly well for herself. Nonetheless, Astroyogi wishes Alia Bhatt success in her upcoming movies and good health.

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Astroyogi wishes Alia Bhatt a very Happy Birthday!