Akshay Navami 2020

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Akshay Navami 2020

Akshay Navami, also known as Amla Navami, will be celebrated this year on 5th November. On this day, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Amla tree or plant is worshipped to gain infinite blessings or ‘anant punya’. The day is treated at par with Akshay Tritiya of Vaishakha masa. Consult Aacharya Aaditya on Astroyogi for an in-depth and personalised horoscope analysis. Click here to consult now!


According to ancient mythology, it is believed that from Akshay Navami till Kartik Poornima, the Amla tree is the chosen residence of Lord Vishnu. As a result, worshipping the Amla tree is treated at par with worshipping him directly. Any act of kindness, charity and worship done on this day is believed to deliver punya for many coming generations. It is believed that worshipping Amla tree on this day yields good physical health, mitigates ongoing health issues, delivers happiness in married life, delivers good progeny and yields infinite prosperity.

It is also a wonderful day to please your ancestors and in case someone was unable to perform Shradh/Pitru pooja during Pitru Paksha, then worshipping the Amla tree by offering milk and chanting “Om Dhatreya Namah” 108 times is believed to please your Pitru (ancestors) and pacify afflictions like Pitru Dosha in the birth horoscope.

Astrologically speaking, Lord Vishnu is the governing deity of Mercury and 23 November will be a very auspicious day to perform remedies or prayers to strengthen its effects. Debilitated Mercury and Mercury with Rahu/Ketu can be treated wonderfully during this day. It is advisable to consult an astrologer regarding Mercury’s effects on this day and how to turn in it in your favour.

Mercury governs academic education, intellect, intelligence and concentration power, in the world of astrology. Individuals who find it difficult to concentrate in their educational pursuits and lag behind others on account of varied reasons should definitely worship Amla tree in the below mentioned manner to improve their concentration and cognitive ability.

It is wise to get ready in the morning and offer argha to Surya Narayan before worshipping Amla tree/plant. Offer jal (water) followed by milk to Amla tree. Then apply sandal, sindoor and fresh cloth, followed by offering scented flowers, fruits and sweets. It is also wise to offer kheer and poori to the tree and then accept it later as Prasad. One should try to have a piece of Amla fruit on this day. Do not forget to light a desi ghee lamp near the tree before finalising the pooja. Tie a white soot/thread around the tree and take at least seven parikrama (rounds).

Chanting “OM NAMO BHAGWATE VASUDEVAYE” is very rewarding and likewise reciting “Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam”, “Shri Vishnu Stotra” and “Shri Narayan Kavach” is very auspicious.


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