6 Myths About Astrology That You Need to Burst Now!

Tue, Jul 07, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Jul 07, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
6 Myths About Astrology That You Need to Burst Now!

Astrology has mostly been the talk of the town when it comes to myth and assumptions. Instead of reaching the right source, we all believe in rumours etc.


So, to give you clarity and burst the bubble of myths related to astrology, we decided to take charge. Reach out to the best astrologers at Astroyogi! Call Now!


Here are some crazy myths which need to be dismissed right away!


1. Astrology makes you talk to god

Can you read this line again? Surely it makes me laugh! Astrology is just a medium to connect with your inside and explore the unexplored side. It helps you recognise your potential and also fight back the negativity that any planet, vibe or energy surrounding you is affecting you. Astrology does not connect you with the concept of god that prevails in religions.


2. There are some planets in astrology which are always malefic

Just like we all have a good and bad side. Similarly, the planets have a benefic and malefic side too. So it is completely wrong if you think that some planets are always malefic. There are times when even when the planet is in a malefic state, it can shower the person with good and in the benefic state give unfavourable results. It all depends on the placement of the planets in various houses. An expert astrologer can guide you regarding this. So, before you assume, clarify.


3. Astrologers and psychics are the same

Complete no no! Astrology is very different from psychics. The reason is that astrology is a study that studies the planets, stars and energies whereas, on the other hand, psychics are readers who study your mind, behaviour and its moves. This clearly proves that astrology has nothing to do with psychics.


4. Astrology can predict your death

Whoever tells you this then it is time to stop trusting them. Nothing on earth can depict the death time for anyone. Astrology can only guide you regarding probable present and future events and give you clarity. It can signal towards particular decisions, path and role but it would never mention or talk about death. To avoid such predictions, seek out expert astrologers for better guidance.


5. Astrology is related to black magic or paranormal activities

No way! This is completely wrong! Astrology has nothing to do with such terms. Astrology is science and only talks about the celestial world energies, planets and its movements. On the other hand, black magic is a term I would not discuss! Paranormal activities are related to spirits etc which has nothing to do with astrology. So, sorry to burst the bubble but it was a must! It would be better if one approaches more positive ways like Vedic astrology to know more about life and its decisions.

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6. Astrology is a fun game

I won’t totally disagree with the above statement but it’s not completely true too. It can be fun to read about your compatibility, your traits, and your personality but when you seriously get into this it is a deep study and should not be taken lightly. If it guides you towards something then you should understand its signal and according to take measures or make decisions.


Now that all your assumptions and myths are cleared! You know the importance of astrology and how important it is for you! 


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