5 Unusual Facts About Planets in Astrology

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5 Unusual Facts About Planets in Astrology

Skimming through stuff online has turned into an involuntary exercise for us. But in this blog, we are going to talk about some unusual facts related to astrology. 

If you are interested in astrology, you would always want to speak to an astrologer online to know more about it. 

Questions like what role do the planets play in our lives? How do they behave? Should we be scared of them? Such questions must be answered. 

As normal people, most of us just read the horoscope and do not think about the planets that play a significant role in our lives. Many people think of astrology consultation but are unaware of what to ask or find it difficult to comprehend what the astrologer would say. So to make astrology more interesting and informative, here are some facts about planets in astrology.  


There are 9 planets in astrology Mercury, Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu & Ketu. 


Each Planet Governs an Aspect of Life

It is true! Each planet governs an aspect of our lives and affects it directly or indirectly. For example, planet Moon affects our mood. We are all connected with the universe in the form of energies via planets. These cosmic forces control your thoughts, events in life, and other influences. If you consult an astrologer, he/she would tell you that each planet has a precise role. 


Slow and Fast-Moving Planets 

Amongst the seven planets, there are some which are slow while some are fast-moving. The fast-moving planets affect you instantly, but the effect does not last for long. It keeps changing. On the other hand, the slow-moving planets have a major influence on our lives which last long. The movement of both planets is very important. The fast-moving planets are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars; the slow-moving planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.


Malefic and Fenefic Planets

The planets' behavior varies from time to time. Sometimes, they become very beneficial and shower great surprises on you. On the other hand, when the same planets turn malefic, it would really make things difficult for you. If you get your Kundali with the help of an astrologer online, he/she can give you clarity about the position of planets and share the remedies with you to reduce the side effects.


Planets Connection with Signs and Houses

The planets travel from various signs and houses from time to time according to their nature. So these placements are responsible for the events to take place. So you can consult an astrologer to know all about it and know the auspicious events of life. 


The Shadowy Planets

Apart from Rahu & Ketu, all the other planets have a physical existence. Rahu and Ketu are considered shadowy planets. They are unpredictable and also affect us majorly in both good and bad ways. They are both placed in opposite directions. If all the other planets at some point in time fall on the same side of the birthchart, it would negatively shake things up in a person's life. To deal with it, one needs to go for astrology consultation and make life better.

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