5 Qualities that make you a Pisces

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5 Qualities that make you a Pisces

Those born between February 19th and March 20th fall under the Pisces sign. This zodiac sign is symbolized by two fish facing opposite directions, yet connected. These fish represent spiritual rebirth, reincarnation, and eternity. The serial positioning of the zodiac sign also marks the end as well as the beginning of the zodiac cycle.               

Most traits and characteristics are found common among people of the same zodiac sign. Here are some qualities that mark your Pisces-ness:

  • One of the most sensitive and delicate zodiac signs, Pisces is believed to inherit the traits of all the other 11 zodiacs. It is no wonder that Pisces tend to be so sympathetic about everyone and everything. A zodiac sign with many talents, you tend to encompass a combination of the strengths of all the signs, having learned their lessons, as well as your own.
  • As a Pisces, your loved ones would have often called you friendly and easygoing. Your affectionate and loving nature attracts everyone to you. Your sensitive and caring nature makes you an excellent guide, mentor, and role model to others. You express yourself through your creativity. Being such an emotional zodiac, you use different art forms as an outlet to express your emotions. For you, the challenge often lies in managing to channel these emotions in a constructive manner!
  • A common challenge for you, Pisces, is being assertive. Driven by your emotional side, you often find it difficult to ask what you actually want from your loved ones.  This often causes conflicts with your partner as you keep wishing for them to read your mind rather than speaking up! This results in Pisces having trouble committing to one partner. An epic relationship is well within your reach if you simply communicate honestly and openly with your partner.
  • You love connecting with people and forming meaningful bonds. Since you have a strong and dependable intuition, you are quite a catch. In a Pisces, one can always find a friend for life. You want to know people on a deep level, and instead of wasting your time trying to maintain surface-level friendships, you would rather spend your time nurturing your relationships. This is probably why you have a handful of close friends who truly know you, inside out.
  • You can easily adapt to your surroundings. This particular characteristic makes it quite easy for you to adjust to new situations, and acclimatize quickly! Your accommodating nature helps you find common ground with others, even the newcomers in your life. Your generosity and kind nature makes people around you feel comfortable and at ease.

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