5 Historically Famous Astrologers In The World

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5 Famous Astrologer in History

Kingdoms were attacked at their behest! Knights were slain, and coups were accomplished, all because of the suggestions of these renowned astrologers. These accomplished individuals not only foresaw the future but changed it too. Let us learn about the famous astrologers in history and their contributions in shaping the world!

For as long as humanity has existed upon this planet, the stars above us have always fascinated us. Some people have taken this fascination a little more seriously, connecting the celestial bodies above with the course of an individual’s life. These people are what we call astrologers.

The astrologers for centuries have gazed upon the millions of stars covering the night sky. They have studied the heavens in an attempt to understand how these celestial objects in the sky influence the events in an individual’s life. Their predictions have guided humanity across ages and still continue to be the guiding force for a lot of people. What’s even more fascinating is that some of these predictions have materialized centuries later, reasserting the power of astrology and its predictions. 

Let us have a look at the famous astrologer in history that has tried to unravel the deepest mysteries of the universe with the help of astrology in this list:

1. Nostradamus:

This list certainly can’t begin without the mention of perhaps history’s most famous astrologer, Nostradamus. The name definitely rings a bell because his predictions have taken the world by storm more times than one can remember.

Michel de Nostredame, who wrote under the pen name of Nostradamus, was an astrologer who wrote: “Les Propheties” (1566). The book has proven to be timeless as its predictions are still relevant to humanity. He wrote cryptic poems in four lines, foretelling the fate of the future in this almanac. These prophecies have instilled both a sense of fear and amazement in people since, more often than not, they have come true, whether it was his predictions regarding the World War or the civil war in the Middle East, keeping his name and work alive centuries later.

2. Claudius Ptolemy:

In the science of astrology, the name of Ptolemy stands tall above all the others. Claudius Ptolemy was an astrologer who belonged to the 2nd century. He combined his deep understanding of astronomy with astrology to reform the world with his predictions.

His fame runs far and wide, making him a popular name all across the globe. The reason behind this unbridled fame is the fact that his works like Tetrabiblos are taken seriously even today due to their validity. He also became a pioneer by firmly advocating the bringing together of science and astrology, rather than isolating the latter as bogus and irrational. He, therefore, worked tirelessly to create a solid foundation upon which planetary events and astrological observations were aligned with science.

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3. Baba Vanga:

How can we not mention the “Godmother of Fortune Telling” among the prominent astrologers in history? Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian astrologer who lost her eyesight to a dreadful accident. Ever since she was 12 years old, she began experiencing things that would only be deemed weird by the world. She could perceive things and events that are beyond the comprehension of regular people, things that demand inherent talent as well as a lot of patience to understand what lies beyond the easily perceptible things in life. She was able to sense things and people beyond the mortal world, allowing her to make predictions that have since come true. She gained popularity by predicting the death of the king of Bulgaria in the year 1918. Her predictions about the future included the harrowing attack on the Twin Towers in the United States of America in 2001, bringing her name to the forefront of the list of the famous astrologer in history.

4. Alan Leo:

The father of modern astrology perhaps needs no introduction. His attempts in the 20th century to bring the field of astrology back to life in the West cannot be overlooked. He is the reason that the modern world came to once again trust the power that astrology beholds, seeking guidance from the stars to achieve success in every aspect of life. Among his many notable accomplishments, his works on standard natal charts hold the most relevance. He even published his works periodically in the popular magazines of his time. He even founded many organizations to revive astrology. Among these, “Astrological Lodge of London” holds a special prominence even today. He was someone who wanted to make astrology an accessible science rather than an exclusive study by simplifying it, contributing to the re-entry of astrology in the European spheres of knowledge.

5. Evangeline Adams:

Born in the year 1868, Evangeline Adams was a rebel. She not only broke the rules, but she also changed the entire system. From an early age, her curiosity enabled her to take a deep interest in exploring the world around her. In this journey, she developed a keen interest in astrology as well as Eastern Spiritualism. New York became her home, where she started her fortune-telling adventure. The practice was banned, but due to the accuracy of her predictions, she paved the way for astrology to be acknowledged and respected as a powerful instrument. Since then, her name has been counted as a famous astrologer whose success knew no bounds. Her predictions regarding the 1929 market crash were a blessing for many who safeguarded themselves from a downfall that would have been difficult to recover from, thus amassing a newfound interest in astrology amongst one and all.

In a Nutshell!

The idea that some people could foresee the events of the future seems surreal and unimaginable! But that is the power of astrology. Its significance goes beyond the mundane and can be applied to understand how the world works and how the events of the future can turn the tide of time!

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