12 Ways to Deal with Your Boss

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
12 Ways to Deal with Your Boss

From an early age we start dreaming of a high flying career and there’s nothing we wouldn't do to reach the summit. Of course, we all know that this journey isn't an easy one; a few twists and turns are quite obviously expected. To build a good career, it is very important that we get along with our colleagues, especially our bosses. To have a smooth professional life, we must understand what our seniors expect from us, not just in terms of work and productivity, but also our behaviour. Here are some simple facts from AstroYogi.com astrologers, about what astrology has to say about your boss based on his or her zodiac sign.


Aries bosses are highly energetic personalities. They are highly enthusiastic about their work and eager to see goals being accomplished. So, if you really want things to work out with this leader, you'll have to come up with efficient results. Show them your capabilities and intentions before they throw your name in the underachievers list! 


Taurean bosses are very stubborn and do not like to see a lot changes around them. They are fun boss to work with but make sure you don't come up with ideas which suggest changes in the ongoing processes. Even if you have some excellent proposals, be prepared to hang on to it for a long time because this boss will take a while in accepting to this change.


In order to cope up with your Gemini boss, make sure to brush up your verbal skills. These bosses like to talk. To keep good terms with them, always keep them updated with the status of your work. They are also very positive for improvising; they'll welcome any idea that can be of slightest benefit to an ongoing project.


Cancerian bosses are very sensitive. Whatever you do, don't hurt this one! They have great leadership abilities and know the trick that to make your team work you have to be the first one to start. Their caring nature keeps employees at the receiving end, always.


The Leo boss can be a little hard to deal with. Explosive temper and demand for complete obedience can make them a tough one, but once you've made place in their good books, they'll take you a long, long way. Just stick to it and work carefully and you'll get a great deal in the end.


The only way to deal with a Virgo boss is perfection in work. This person will not accept anything but the best. Due to this trait you may also find them to be critical of your work, but once you've shown them the best in you, this trait will eventually fade.


Dealing with Libran bosses is not a very tough task. They are honest and well balanced with their work and behavior. They make no mistake and do no wrong to any employee (their zodiac does not permit them to do that!).  The only thing to keep in mind when they are around is that be honest to your work and colleagues, as they will not stand any wrong done to either of the two.


Extremely determined and focused, these bosses will often be handling the toughest of jobs. They cannot and will not stand laid back or have a lets-take-it-easy attitude; in fact, this attitude can land you into great trouble when they're around. Be active, confident and dedicated towards your work if you wish to please this one! 


If you're lucky enough to have a Sagittarian boss, make the most of it! This boss is all about positivity and optimism. Even in the worst of situations, they'll be standing right by your side and encouraging you. One thing that may sometime get to you is their outspoken approach. They may unknowingly say certain things which you may not like. Just let go of it, because deep down, they are a gem of a person.


Capricorns are very hardworking and ambitious. This makes it quite obvious that these bosses will expect a 100 percent result from their team. They realize their responsibility for the team and work and therefore leaving any lose ends on your part can be taken as a hurdle for them to accomplish their ambition. Be supportive and respect their work and you'll have a long way to go.


Aquarius bosses are somewhat quirky. They tend to bring sudden changes in work. You might be working on one project today and be given a completely new assignment the very next morning. The perfect way to handle them is to work flexibly. Let new things in; don't get too attached to one type of work.


Piscean bosses are very creative people. They'll appreciate your efforts, and always understand your situation. Just keep your work right and this boss will take you to new height.