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Scorpio Love Horoscope 2017

Scorpio Love Horoscope 2017

Your personal relationship is stable and strong, Scorpio, and this is very fortunate for you, as it will be a tremendous source of positive energy to help you through the tough times this year. Don't be afraid to turn to your partner for help, advice and support during 2017, as your partner is always loyal and faithful. You will see this particularly on August 26, when Saturn directs in Scorpio, as your partner will be a valuable source of faith and energy for you at this time.

Keep your jealousy under control at all times, Scorpio, as sometimes you become too possessive, and this causes your lover to retreat. You need your partner for crucial emotional support this year; don't distance them with petty jealousies. They are loving and faithful and do not deserve that treatment. If you are looking for love, Scorpio, August is also a time of strength for you. The Universe has love in mind for you at this time, and it is not just a fluffy romance, but a full-fledged serious relationship that will cross your path by October, when Saturn moves to Sagittarius. 

Wear your water colors, blues and greens of all kinds, to attract this special person to you and by December, a solid love partnership will be in place. Watch your jealous nature; do not be overly possessive of this new lover. Give them the space to be able to see the amazing soul that you are, and your passion will strengthen throughout the end of the year.

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