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Astro Kissing


Aries: Aries, the fiery soul in you dictates hot passion, lust and aggression which are translated into your kiss as well. No one kisses as passionately as you, Aries. It will leave an impact hard to forget. Aries is driven by the desire to please your senses. It’s never enough though. You may end up wanting or even begging for more.


Taureans: Taureans are naturals at kissing and for them there no better way to express their emotions. How good the kiss will be will depend entirely upon how the Taurean feels about you. They are gentle and tender kissers and deeply passionate too. It’s the only way they know when it comes to making up after a fight.


Gemini: For Gemini, even kissing is a form of communication. Their kissing style is quirky and fun. They are full of surprises. They might stop to smile, make a witty observation or simply confess their feelings during a kiss. However, they can never fully give in to a kiss, which may be frustrating.


Cancer: Cancerians are highly emotional and their kisses are soft and gentle. It’s an expression of love and warm feelings. They want to be loved and give back unconditionally when they meet someone they can connect with. They are capable of making you forget about the world around you and take you on a romantic journey with their kisses.


Leo: Leos kiss in wild abandon. Nothing holds them back. They represent raw energy, wanton feelings and attraction. They have ferocity and some bite (literally) to them. They extremely enjoy making their partner feel loved and their kisses sure make you feel that way. Pleasing or matching a Leo’s kisses is not easy. Be yourself and definitely do not try to overpower them.


Virgo: Known for their weakness for perfection, Virgos are one of a kind and their kisses will make you feel the same way too. They like to be subtle, romantic and surprising but they have a tough time living in the moment. They may get distracted during their kisses.


Libra: Librans are all about pleasing even when they kiss. They will think about your needs rather than their own. They like to give and are eager to find out what turns you on. Perfection makes the Libran happy. It may been a bit artificial at times and you may question how deeply they feel about you.


Scorpio: A Scorpio’s kiss is the kind that remains etched in your memory forever. You may have a tough time getting over this assault to your senses. This is the sign that rules pleasure and lovemaking. Their kisses may lead to something much more passionate..


Sagittarius: Sagittarius is breezy like the wind and their kisses may awaken a different side to your personality. You will forget about the world around you when you are being kissed by a Sagittarian. They are highly spontaneous and it is impossible to determine their timings and frequency. They love to make you wait and that’s why they keep you lingering


Capricorn: Capricorn is all about intimacy and deep feelings and for them kisses represent true love and emotion. They leave their worries behind when they kiss. They connect on a deeper level with their kisses. They are not overly passionate and may keep things subtle.


Aquarius:Aquarians are not much into kissing or expressing themselves physically. It’s mental stimulation that works for this sign. If they connect with you on an intellectual level, the kisses may work like magic but if they don’t, expect to have a not so memorable experience.


Pisces: Pisces likes to take it slow when it comes to kissing. They are not great at starting a kiss but they do not shy away from giving you back. They are dreamy and may start fantasizing about a great kiss rather than indulge you with one. It may be frustrating but you will not mind being kissed by this emotional and sensitive soul.