Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2018

The third (Tiger) in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac calendar; the Years of the Tiger include: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022….

Tiger horoscope 2018 suggests that the Year of Dog will be good and fruitful for you. Being born leaders with a competitive and authoritative nature; you will achieve your goals with hard work and perseverance. Having a magnetic personality, you have the ability to draw people towards you. This may make you attracted towards new partners this year. This is good unless you are already in a relationship and end up cheating your partner.

Your generosity knows no bounds, but Tiger in 2018, needs to exercise caution while spending money recklessly. According to Tiger’s horoscope 2018, your expenses may increase manyfold.

Try and not rush into things and be stressed about tasks. Keeping your mind and body stable will ensure you taste success this year.

Let's see in detail what the Tiger horoscope for 2018 has to say:

Career Horoscope for Tiger

Tigers in 2018 need to have an easy and controlled approach towards their work while putting in their best. You should be careful of your speech while handling people. 2018 looks good for the Tigers who are creative and you can invest your time in making good careers. Businessmen may form new partners and this partnership will work in your advantage. For others, if your career shows a graph going down, you should seek help from elders in the family.


Education Horoscope for Tiger

Overall, Tiger horoscope for 2018 suggests that it will be a moderate year for students.Be prepared to put in your 100% if you want to sail through exams and interviews as there will be tough competition this year. Do not be depressed if you fail to clear them in your first attempt. Students of final year college may find good placements with difficulty. Seek help from friends to help you clear interviews.


Love Horoscope for Tiger

For the romantic and passionate Tiger, 2018 will see love blossoming for you. Singles will find love and plan to settle down this year. The married Tigers will get ample time to travel with their spouse and spend quality time with them. For conjugal bliss, show more love and respect for the spouse and avoid getting into petty conflicts with them. Do not be domineering over family. Budget your holiday so that your finance doesn’t go for a toss.


Health Horoscope for Tiger

The stars caution Tiger in 2018 to be careful of their health. Take the help of yoga and meditation to remain stress-free and maintain your mental peace. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. Your work may be too demanding this year, taking a toll on your body. Get your medical check-ups done regularly. The Year of Dog warns you not to drive recklessly. Try not to get behind the wheel when you are alone.


Wealth Horoscope for Tiger

Be careful of your expenditures this year which may end up being more than your earnings. Businessmen may get into new partnerships. Be careful before investing and formalising the paper work involved. Tigers should make some timely sound investments through recurring or fixed deposits as there are chances of financial loss in future.