Dog Chinese Horoscope 2018

Snake Chinese Horoscope 2018

The sixth (Snake) in the 12 year cycle of Chinese zodiac calendar; the Years of the Snake include : 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025….

Snake 2018 looks to be a very interesting and fruitful year for those born under this sign. The four mighty , auspicious stars, ‘Zi Wei’, ‘Long De’, ‘Hong Luan’ and ‘Lu Xun’, will favour you in your career, love relationships and finance this year. While the two stars, ‘Zi Wei’ and ‘Lu Xun’, help you get fame, promotion at work and a pay hike, the benefactor star, ‘Long De’ will help you vault over any obstacles that come your way. ‘Hong Luan’ will bring good news for those who are single and waiting to mingle. This year will prove to be lucky for those wanting to change jobs.

According to Snake horoscope 2018, while you are blessed with favourable stars, there are also stars like ‘Bao Bai’, that will have malefic effects and  make trouble when you least expect it. Disputes and speculations will be created such that it may become hard to taste success at times. Too much work may take a toll on your health.

Lets see in detail what is the prediction for the Chinese Zodiac sign, Snake, in 2018-

Career Horoscope for Snake

Snake natives may be loaded with work, and this could prove challenging. Snake 2018 will be required to work hard to keep up with your job. If you plan to make changes in your job, now is the time. Snake horoscope 2018 looks encouraging for future projects, so you may be required to develop some necessary new strategies. The year will be filled with twists, turns and obstacles.


Education Horoscope for Snake

Students of Chinese Snake Zodiac in 2018, may face a strenuous year with respect to their studies. If you are studying for a competitive exam, you may have to go the extra mile. You will be required to work twice as hard to maintain consistent performance. Reevaluate your study technique if it isn't proving successful. You may be required to study all year round, which could leave you feeling overworked.


Love Horoscope for Snake

Secrets may be spilling for natives of the Chinese Zodiac sign Snake 2018. It is best for you to be honest with your partner if you wish to move forward with them. Paying attention to your partner could help make your relationship stronger. The auspicious star 'Hong Luan’ could bring about maturity and seriousness in your love life. Your emotions could get the better of you with your family members. Remain careful to avoid disrupting the family atmosphere.


Health Horoscope for Snake

Your health could deteriorate due to the overload of work. Adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to manage the stressful year. Regular meditation and exercise could help maintain your general health. Relaxation could help reduce negative emotions. Be careful when driving.


Wealth Horoscope for Snake

The year seems promising for the Snake natives. You could receive a significant increase in your market shares. Save a portion of your income every chance you get. Avoid getting involved in investing money this year. For those of you starting a new job, the new work environment could favour you positively.