Dog Chinese Horoscope 2018

Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2018

The ninth (Monkey) in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac calendar; the Years of the Monkey include 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028……

Monkey horoscope 2018 predicts a mixed year for you. While you have auspicious stars like ‘Yi Ma’ and ‘Wen Chang’ to bless you through the year, you also have to face the effects of inauspicious stars like, ‘Tian Ku’, ‘Tian Gou’ and ‘Diao Ke’. While the auspicious stars will goad you to keep moving forward and bless you with clear thinking and comprehension, the inauspicious stars can cause accidents and bad luck. You should be careful while travelling and avoid visiting any patient or attending a funeral.

Love will blossom for the Monkey in 2018. Your amicable nature will make you the life of parties. Use your intuitive nature to know for sure who your life partner can be.

You will be able to return your loans as your financial status will improve this year.

The Chinese zodiac sign, Monkey, in 2018, predicts the following in detail:

Career Horoscope for Monkey

The Monkey horoscope for 2018 predicts a favourable career and professional life for you if you remain focused this year. Use your intuitive skills to access the field in which you need to concentrate to gain success. There are bright chances of a promotion or salary hike at your workplace. Keep a friendly attitude with colleagues and higher officials as they could be of help to you. There are bright chances of a change in job.


Education Horoscope for Monkey​

The ‘Year of the Dog’ is lucky for the Monkey students as you will taste success in all streams if you use your creative and intuitive skills. With clear thinking and better understanding, you will be able to clear competitive exams this year. Take guidance from your friends in case of any doubt.


Love Horoscope for Monkey​

Monkey horoscope 2018 predicts a satisfied love life for you. The married and those in relationships will bond well and there will be mutual harmony between the two. In case of any discord arising, discuss out the problem to nip the bud before things go out of control. Singles will meet your heartthrobs through a common friend or relative.

Avoid jumping to conclusions and getting into any conflict with your family members. Take the family for a vacation for bonding better.


Health Horoscope for Monkey​

Monkey in 2018, you need to keep a periodic check on your health or you will be unnecessarily spending your hard earned money on hospital bills. Maintain a proper diet and a healthy exercise regime to avoid illness. An old illness may rear its ugly head this year if you are not careful. You are likely to suffer from insomnia or endocrine dyscrasia. An accident related to sports may leave you scared. Attending a cremation or visiting someone in the hospital may indirectly have a bad effect on you.


Wealth Horoscope for Monkey​

While the year will be lucky for you financially as you will be able to pay off all your pending debts, you will have to be careful of unstable income. If you get a chance of travelling to make money, take up that offer. Caution needs to be taken while investing your money this year. Study the scheme well before investing or you may suffer loss.