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Neha Pradeep Saini
Vedic Astrology, Numerology & Vastu
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Neha Pradeep Saini

I am Neha Pradeep Saini, currently pursuing Ph.D and my interest in Numerology and other sciences came to me as a blessing from my ancestors at the age of 15. My grandfather was fond of numerology and thus his interest got inherited in my life as an indispensable factor. I have consulted over 1000's of people specially from Bollywood, Kollywood, him-wood, Business men etc. I have completed my graduation from MMK College, Bandra and EMDI Institute of Media and Communication, Bandra and I started predicting to my friends and family through Numerology and in no time people started reaching out to me more information and guidance due to my accurate predictions. This is not magic but a science which can be learnt and can help people discover the features and elements of the persons character, destiny etc according to the date of birth and their name.

Time Availability : 24 hours

Language : Hindi,English,Gujrati,Marathi

Location : Mumbai

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  By Siddhant Babbar 17 Jan 2018

  By Munish Kumar 15 Jan 2018

  By Gurmit Mann 15 Jan 2018

She is good





  By om meena 06 Jan 2018


  By Abhimanyu Singh 07 Jan 2018

  By Shipra Bijawat 07 Jan 2018

She has good knowledge and command over the subject..she quickly takes you to prediction and she indicates situations which actually exist...hoping to get the benefits of the suggested remedies.

  By Rajat 04 Jan 2018

The remedies proposed by Neha, works beautifully and quite past. So many thanks to her again. I really wish the ways and remedies she has suggested, all her predictions become true as well.

  By Atul Kumar Jain 03 Jan 2018

I am kind of 94% satisfied.

  By Aditi 03 Jan 2018

thanks , I was nice connecting with you again.

  By sonali 03 Jan 2018

  By 03 Jan 2018

  By Aushita 01 Jan 2018

Neha is amazing and very intuitive.. She is highly knowledgable and has given me a huge amount of guidance. One of the most authentic and genuine astrologers I have ever had consultation with. Thank you and namaste Neha.

  By Debajit Chakraborty 01 Jan 2018

Contacted Neha for 3-4 times. She is very much to the point in her answer. She very fast in replying which gives good value for money. Her prediction regarding my office problem came true and finally I am out of it. Thank you for predicting and analysing my horoscope.

  By Debajit Chakraborty 01 Jan 2018

Once again thank you.

  By 01 Jan 2018

A wonderful person to speak to and she definitely knows her subject i.e.nymberology well. I am very satisfied with her accuracy.

  By Rajat 29 Dec 2017

Contacted Neha again, just like the best doctors which you would like to pay a visit again. The best thing about her is the justice she gives to her profession and with truthfulness she would explain all then nitty gritties. More than this she spreads positivity around which is very necessarily needed. Must contact her for any kind of consultation and good guidance.thanks

  By Mrittika Roy Chowdhury 29 Dec 2017

Very good analysis :)

  By sonali 30 Dec 2017

  By sonali 30 Dec 2017

  By irin joshua 23 Dec 2017

Thank you Neha ji

  By Nitesh 21 Dec 2017

nice to talk with neha ji nice way to guide and yes best possible remedies provided thanks

  By sonali 19 Dec 2017

  By 19 Dec 2017

  By 19 Dec 2017

  By Christina Gomes 18 Dec 2017

She is a good astrologer....Predictions till now have been true

  By Rajat 17 Dec 2017

Very nice and understanding. Excellent to talk to , gives accurate remedies

  By sonali 18 Dec 2017

  By Karan prince 15 Dec 2017

  By 13 Dec 2017

You gave 100% accurate prediction about my job

  By Saurabh Chawla 13 Dec 2017

Great piece of advice.. thanks a lot

  By Prathama Sengupta 14 Dec 2017

Very accurate. Keep guiding others

  By indu 13 Dec 2017

She is really smart and very specific. Like I complimented her, talking to her is like a class in astrology. She explains everything. Will look forward to talking to her.

  By amit sati 02 Nov 2017

Very intutive astrologer, help to build confidence. Provides realist View of things and give practical remedies . Hoping predictions to come true.

  By Amrutha 20 Nov 2017

By amrutha, Good and knowledge listens to our problem and provide solutions

  By 20 Nov 2017

  By Simmi Kujur 05 Dec 2017

She is very straightforward and speaks exactly. Its was very helpful talking to her as she focused and gives you clarity.

  By Baswa Raj 05 Dec 2017

I am consulting Neha, from June 2017, regarding various problems I have faced in my life. Even after lot of efforts I have faced hurdles in my way. With consulting Neha, she provided me detailed analysis of my kundali and even her instant prashn kundali analysis within minute helped me very well.. Her advice kept me away from troubles and due to her simple remedies I am able to achieve results.

  By Vidhur Khanna 06 Dec 2017

I have been consulting Neha mam for 6 months now. Her predictions have been spot on and her remedies have proved have always worked for me. One of the most genuine astrologer on the panel. highly recommended.

  By 06 Dec 2017

  By Manish Kumar Jain 23 Nov 2017

Simple solutions

  By Malay Parikh 23 Nov 2017

very detailed and clear explanation. Great combination of Astrology and Numerology in a neo-classic way. A modern and scientific way of looking at this ancient science to solve contemporary challenges.

  By Sahana 26 Nov 2017

Very good

  By sonali 26 Nov 2017

  By sonali 26 Nov 2017

  By Prem Baboo 30 Nov 2017

  By Sanjay Shantilal Tank 24 Nov 2017

Very helpful

  By Ritesh Dhoot 28 Nov 2017

She is super! Very good and to the point analysis!

  By Vineet Kejriwal 29 Nov 2017

Well explained and helpful. She provides simple remedies.

  By chandrahas shet 30 Nov 2017

Nice experience and excellent suggestions

  By Prem Baboo 30 Nov 2017

I am very happy after talking to Ms. Neha Pradeep Saini Mam.I got very satisfactory answers of my all questions. Her talking style is very good and all the answers are very clear and logical.The Astrologer with whom I talked first time in my life, is Ms. Neha Mam.After talking to her I started believing in Astrology. Earlier I never believed in Astrology. Her voice is very clear and impressive. I

  By Santanu Kumar Acharya 30 Nov 2017

Neha Madam is very good. She analyses very properly and advice simple remedy.Excellent.

  By TUSHAR AGRAWAL 25 Nov 2017

I consulted today.Well explained and crystal clear and having in-depth knowledge and suggested easy and simple remedies. Totally satisfied.recommended for all.

  By Manish Kumar Jain 23 Nov 2017

I consulted today.Well explained and gave simple remidies that can be applied in daily life. All the best neha

  By Ashwini gaikwad 23 Nov 2017

I consulted her yesterday, she gave answers based on her in depth knowledge and suggested very easy and simple remedies that can be applied in our day to day life. After talking to her i felt very satisfied. Based on this i recommended her to my friend also. I'l always look forward to consult her again in the future. Thank you Nehaji. Guys i'l be back to drop review once all my predictions will c

  By Indrani Vohra 15 Nov 2017

  By SURESH RANADE 10 Nov 2017

well explained. suggested simple remedies. well intended attitude. will definitely come back on getting prediction results.thanks and lot of blessings.

  By sonali 11 Nov 2017

  By Prem Baboo 11 Nov 2017

  By Namitha Krishnamurthy 12 Nov 2017

Very good

  By Alaka Bhattacharya 12 Nov 2017

Very nice and really prompt in answering all the questions... it was nice talking to you.

  By Rupesh kumar biswal 13 Nov 2017

I am happy to talk to neha mam

  By ASHISH MOHAN 14 Nov 2017

Very Knowledgeable

  By faisal ahmad 14 Nov 2017

Great to talk with. Appreciate all the suggestions.

  By parmdeep 10 Nov 2017

Neha was really good at building rapport and quickly understood what questions I had and Promptly answered them to my utmost satisfaction. A very knowledgeable person Indeed.

  By durga thilak rudrakshi 10 Nov 2017

very simplistic analysis and she has her own method of analysing.

  By Sinnitta Barbaro 09 Nov 2017

Very energetic and very positive

  By Pooja Nagisetty 09 Nov 2017

She is th best of all whom I have spoken till now , somehow she is very clear and gives Best solutions,I would recommend her to anyone who visits Astroyogi ..please talk with one and only neha !she understood my problem so well .will definitely approach her again and again

  By Bhanu PrakashG 06 Nov 2017

Its crystal and clear. The kundli has been explained very clearly and also predicted the life events exactly. Also, has given the remedies.

  By bikas ranjan panda 07 Nov 2017

Quick response, precessisive remedies.

  By Aditi 07 Nov 2017

Crisp & clear consultation. Intelligent Astrologer.


She is practical and honest..

  By Veeranjit Singh Sahota 05 Nov 2017

Crisp and clear . Definately good astro to be consulted

  By pmathur 28 Sep 2017

Very good experience..logical and accurate analysis

  By Biswajyoti Das 03 Oct 2017

Good analysis. Hope her predictions come true.

  By Ayush Patle 02 Oct 2017

Perfect astrologer hope to catch uh later..??

  By priyanka yerra 12 Oct 2017

  By Munmun Kumari 13 Oct 2017

  By 13 Oct 2017

  By Amanpreet Ghai 18 Oct 2017

  By Vandhana 22 Oct 2017

  By Amardeep Kumar 23 Oct 2017

Neha is a very knowledgeable and pleasant Astrologer. It was a pleasure talking with her and I could feel the positive vibrations while talking with her. Definitely recommend her to my family and friends.

  By Amardeep Kumar 23 Oct 2017

Neha is a very knowledgeable and pleasant Astrologer. It was a pleasure talking with her and I could feel the positive vibrations while talking with her. Definitely recommend her to my family and friends.

  By Santanu Kumar Acharya 24 Oct 2017

She is very good and provide good solution.

  By Santanu Kumar Acharya 24 Oct 2017

she is good.

  By Santanu Kumar Acharya 24 Oct 2017

I am happy and she knows well.

  By Vineet Walia 25 Oct 2017

I consulted Neha & found her knowledgeable. She has given her analysis & proposed solutions.I hope her predictions come true. Will update in detail post seeing the results.

  By Shradha 26 Oct 2017

FUll of energy and with in depth knowledge of her work.Felt very positive after speaking to her.The predictions were accurate off course however the way it was communicated made THE DIFFERENCE..Thanks and would reach out to you for more soon :-)

  By Aashima Ekka 22 Oct 2017

She is THE BEST astrologer and person to talk to. I have been consulting her continuously in my difficult times and her words have been a never ending support. Her horoscope reading is not just a duty to her but she relates to the problem easily and provides the best possible feasible solution. Her kundli analysis has always been true.

  By Nanda 15 Oct 2017

Rightly predicted all aspects of life. Will definetly consult again

  By Ajay Jaiswal 15 Oct 2017

Detail and accurate analysis. Very knowledgeable. Positive and helpful advise and guidance. Help you to understand your horoscope stength. She is superb

  By Hemanth Kumar 15 Oct 2017

Very Accurate prediction

  By 15 Oct 2017

  By Mansi Mehra 13 Oct 2017

She is an incredibly knowledgeable with great skills of predictability! One of the very few astrologers who know a lot and have researched well in their field. Great communicator along with being a problem solver, she provides good remedies. I really want to thank you for all the help and suggestions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER.

  By Subhrajit Bhowmik 07 Oct 2017

Nice experience wonderfull talks and good suggestion

  By Brajesh Dudpuri 08 Oct 2017

Very good astrologer

  By 09 Oct 2017


  By Bharat kamal sharma 12 Jul 2017

Wot a session with her ! Awesome ! After astrology,it was vastu today,again she scores 100/100! Me being an avid student of astrology,met some one after years who is one up on every query! Does not flounder and has valid reasons for her guidance! She seems a hard working and studious one and updating her with each day! Feel positive and vibrant after speaking to her,and its alwaz wanting more tim

  By Mansi 13 Sep 2017

Thank you neha ji , I am quite happy and relaxed after taking to you , hope you do well wherever you go in life , HIGHLY Recommended

  By Ankush 13 Sep 2017

She's an excellent and a very positive astrologer.

  By Ankush 13 Sep 2017

Thanks a lot Neha ji.You are excellent at your work.I felt relieved after talking to you.I would recommend everyone who's seeking astrological help to consult her at least once.Regards Ankush

  By abhimanyu 17 Sep 2017

Good reading of the charts. Hope her predictions come out true.

  By Omprakash 18 Sep 2017

Accurate predictions and rightly pointed about the problems .. i would surely recommend her at astroyogi

  By Swapna Kailas 21 Sep 2017

Very knowledgeable about all the planets and remedies to avoid negative events from happening. Was also helpful in finding certain mantras which will assuage my situation. I am thankful to her and optimistic about my future now.

  By rahul das naskar 21 Sep 2017

She is good and really helpful. i will recommend her. She is good in explaining in details. Thanks Neha

  By indu 13 Sep 2017

She is direct, to the point and very sensible. I would definitely recommend her at astroyogi. Kudos to you!

  By 06 Sep 2017

Thankyou very much for resolving my issues

  By Rahul 02 Sep 2017

apt, honest analysis. practical remedies. very positive experience

  By Shailendra 30 Aug 2017

Very knowledgeable and precise

  By Amit Pal 30 Aug 2017

Thanks nice session..

  By 29 Aug 2017

she is awesome.I have a great session with her.The best in astroyogi.kudos

  By ramesh 04 Aug 2017

Very positive, clear explanations and practical. Feel very positive after the chat with her.

  By Shruti Dwivedi 09 Aug 2017

Good reading of the charts. Hope her predictions come out true.

  By Sonali Rauthan 12 Aug 2017

One will surely feel positive after talking to her because of her honest analysis. Her in depth knowledge of the subject has helped me in gaining clarity and solutions to my problems. Also provides remedies. Loved talking to you. Quick and clear with her analysis. A recommended astrologer..

  By Ratul manek 14 Aug 2017

Thank you!

  By Meghal Shah 14 Aug 2017

Satisfied answer good

  By Amreen kaur 15 Aug 2017

Very polite, accurate & knowledgeable.

  By Priti 17 Aug 2017

It was great talking to Neha. She gives you clear & specific information & solution to your problems. Made me feel so comfortable. Thank you so much.

  By Ishan 15 Aug 2017

Neha was pretty accurate with her predictions, gave really good suggestions, lots of details, felt good after speaking to good. I recommend her to everyone. Thanks Neha :)

  By abhi 16 Aug 2017

Thanks Maam,for clearing my doubts. You are so accurate & thanks again for giving me right solution at right time.And that Signature and name part was impressive. I'll definetly work on every aspect.Thank you.

  By abhijeet Rao khade 25 Aug 2017

She is such a good astrologer.She gave me right advice at right time.She has so much knowledge in this field.I liked the way she pin pointed the exact things i need'.Thank you maam.

  By abhijeet Rao khade 25 Aug 2017

Thank God,Someone knows what is happening in universe.Even though most of experience astrologers failed to notice what is happening but She knows very well.Whenever I talk' to her I feel confident.Her remedies,her way of talking,her astrological knowledge is superb.I surely recommend everyone to consult from Neha maam.Thank You

  By Ashish Gupta 27 Aug 2017

By the time I could say thank you, the phone got cut. I had a very lengthy and a satisfying conversation. First point in the conversation, I was told my state and then was asked the questions which shows the depth Neha ji has for this subject. With the guidance I received, what started as a query for one person, I ended up discussing matters for my family. Definitely an astrologer worth every penn

  By Shabnam zaman 27 Aug 2017

Complete satisfaction.. Would definitely contact her whenever needed.. Thanks a lot

  By CR Lakshmi 21 Aug 2017

She provides practical advice, tells you correctly why something is the way it is and what changes can happen in the future. It was wonderful talking to her. She is also able to predict someone's characteristics without birth details with help of the person's name. Best wishes.

  By Priti 22 Aug 2017

Neha is a wonderful person. She will tell you clearly about yourself & also will give you specific solutions. It feels like you are talking to a friend when you talk to her. She is a talented astro for sure.

  By 23 Aug 2017

Great Knowledge ,gave a clear solution and also has got a clear way of explaining things

  By bhanu murthy 24 Aug 2017

Brilliant intuition. I Was really amazed at the intuitive powers of Neha. She has an excellent knowledge of the vedic astrology, Numerology and Vastu. A comprehensive approach by her gave me very good reassuarance. The remedies suggested are very practical and can be adopted easily. Would recommend her very strongly.

  By bhuwanshi 14 Aug 2017

I really loved. how Ma'am explained to me everything properly and what all concern I had. she gave me a solution to it. I am very much impressed with her way of explaining, and ma'am my credit got finished so really couldn't talk further but in future, i will surely contact you . thank you

  By Arun Shetty 14 Aug 2017


  By ARITRA DAS 18 Aug 2017

Brilliant. I would strongly recommend her. Thank you for showing me the right direction. It was wonderful talking to you.

  By startmoon8 09 Aug 2017

I think she was good and fast. Gave a lots of details..I ll be back...

  By ARPAN GHOSH 07 Aug 2017

She does very deep analysis of the chart and comes out with very accurate predictions. Also, gives very easy to do remedies. But the best part of consulting her is the counselling of any problem. Wish her good luck.

  By deepika 02 Aug 2017

It was nice talking to you. & also the remedies you have told me that is also very simple to follow. If all things goes well, again i will get back to you when i will get success, thanks again for showing me the positivity towards life. :)

  By Anju P 27 Jul 2017

Very knowledgeable and accurate predictions. Felt relieved after talking to her.

  By rohit kanwat 26 Jul 2017

She is an indispensable . She possess a divine knowledge and good command on her areas of practice of numerology, astrology and services redered by her in respect of correcting your signatures and name which leads you to fullful your desires and vice a vers though have lots of words to go for her Absolute greatness as a person and as a gurdian , very accurate predictions . Gives a simple and eff

  By Achuth 22 Jul 2017

Felt happy and satisfied speaking to Neha,She predicts very quickly and says it confidently. You better have a sufficient balance in your account bcoz you'll not know how the time goes.

  By AKSHAY TIDKE 24 Jul 2017

Good talk, can share any problem, hopeful about future, let's wait and see

  By 20 Jul 2017 talk to her .....Would never know when You lost your wallet.

  By Priya 20 Jul 2017

Great to talk to her.Thank you

  By Shekhar B Saraf 18 Jul 2017

I had an insightful experience speaking with Neha. She possesses knowledge beyond her years. She was prepared with my chart and gave me the correct answers, good and bad for me. On the whole, a truly insightful experience !!

  By Ira Dutta 19 Jul 2017

very accurate and logical... v good knowledge and kind person.

  By Aashima Ekka 17 Jul 2017

Talking to Neha comforted me to a large extent. She is eAsy to talk to and she could relate to anybody easily. Gives practical approaches and remedies.

  By NATTHU 17 Jul 2017


  By Shekhar B Saraf 17 Jul 2017

Very sharp and intelligent !

  By Amanpreet Ghai 16 Jul 2017

Awesome Advice I just loved her like anything will definitely follow each n everything whatever remedy she has suggested was so comfortable with her as if I was talking to my sister Thank u so much.

  By Mohammed Ashar Raoof 14 Jul 2017

Highly recommended Astrologer. Very accurate and precise reading. Helped me with all the questions I had. AAA+++

  By manoj pandit 14 Jul 2017

She is good.

  By Raviteja dosapati 11 Jul 2017

Definitely worth every penny, got detailed readings of both astrology and numerology . She has a sound knowledge and highly accurate on predictions.

  By Bharat kamal sharma 12 Jul 2017

Amazing vaastu guidance,she is awesome,the knowledge she possesses of astrology and vaastu is unmatched,feel light nd vibrant after talking to her,wanting more,she is bestest here as im myself an avid astrology guy,she is 100/100 !

  By Mihir Shah 12 Jul 2017

I consulted Neha and she was easy to talk to. She was clear in her advise and analysis. She was quite reassuring and even the negative matter was presented in a way which made me feel less worried.

  By Vidhur Khanna 14 Jul 2017

very practical and accurate. She gave me a lot clarity on range of issues. it was indeed pleasure to speak to Neha Ma'am.

  By SUMEDH BHARDWAJ 14 Jul 2017

Very happy and satisfied after talking to Neha Ji!

  By Gopa Shah 10 Jul 2017

What a wonderful experience talking to Neha! Very positive practical approach to resolve issues. Just what you expect from a guru to guide you through difficult situations. Thanks Neha.

  By aman saxena 10 Jul 2017

I am satisfied with Neha ji

  By Gopa Shah 10 Jul 2017

What is really liked about Neha is her recommendations span across astrology, numerology as well as Graphology. A complete holistic approach towards providing remedial solutions.

  By Sanjana Prakash 09 Jul 2017

I found Neha to be very accurate in her predictions. She is a very good astrologer and numerologist.

  By Ankita R 06 Jul 2017

She comes across as somebody knowledgeable and is very precise and straight forward

  By Bharat kamal sharma 04 Jul 2017

Fingers crossed She is going to give answers today Nice soul

  By Subrata Sharma 05 Jul 2017

I found Nehaji to be very accurate and confident in her predictions. Talking to her made me feel positive too. Extremely satisfied.

  By Hardworking Soul Soul 01 Jul 2017

Accurate predictions, does not beat around the bush, to the point. Felt very comfortable talking to this Astrologer.Also Suggested a spelling change.Very satisfied with the session.

  By Sachin Fatnaney 01 Jul 2017

Great straight forward answers :)