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Acharya Ashish Dangwal
Vedic Astrology, Numerology & Vastu
Busy ₹ 25 Per Min

Acharya Ashish Dangwal

I am a Vedic astrologer and I have been practicing astrology for the last 17 years now. I did my Acharya from Sampoorna Nand Vishwa Vidyalaya in Varanasi. I completed my further studies by specializing in Vaastu, Jyotish, and Palm reading from Sridarshan Sanskrit Maha Vidyalaya in Rishikesh. My knowledge of astrology helps people overcome whatever troubles they face and also find easy and timely solutions. The suggestions that I have provided have helped many of my clients with problems in various areas of life like career, marriage, love, personal problems and monetary issues etc. I am a strong believer of this science and have found this to be of immense help to those who are distressed. My knowledge of astrology guides you towards the right direction by helping you take the right decision.

Time Availability : Monday to Saturday. From 8:00 - 4:00 PM

Language : Hindi

Location : Delhi

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  By Jyoti Das 12 Dec 2017

  By Deepali 11 Dec 2017

  By annu 11 Dec 2017

excellent predictions very true ....

  By Pooja 07 Dec 2017

  By 06 Dec 2017

  By Neeti sharma 02 Nov 2017

  By Neeti sharma 02 Nov 2017

  By pinaki choudhary 06 Nov 2017

Advise was largely generic and I had the expectation of more passion to know / understand the problem. Rather I had to volunteer to say if I should do something and only then it was told yes can be done, that is what should have come from you because you are the expert and I am seeking advise from you. Thanks!

  By 18 Nov 2017

  By Prathama Sengupta 18 Nov 2017

He goes into details.Very gentle. Guides you beautifully. I could relate to most of the things. Going to interact in future as well.

  By Neeti sharma 22 Nov 2017

  By 04 Dec 2017

  By Deepali 04 Dec 2017

  By Deepali 27 Nov 2017

  By Neeti sharma 28 Nov 2017

  By Deepali 29 Nov 2017

  By Ayan 02 Dec 2017

One star left for accuracy of future predictions which only time can answer

  By ARITRA DAS 14 Nov 2017

Brilliant astrologer. Accurate predictions, simple remedies. One of the best astrologers in astroyogi. Very clear in his explanations,very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

  By sanam 14 Nov 2017

He is very well informed and explains everything very patiently.

  By Neeti sharma 06 Nov 2017

  By Neeti sharma 06 Nov 2017

  By shilpi 06 Nov 2017

  By Deepshikha 06 Nov 2017

  By Neeti sharma 02 Nov 2017

  By Ritika Khanna 02 Nov 2017

  By harjesh 13 Oct 2017

  By ashish 14 Oct 2017

Very friendly and supportive.

  By 24 Oct 2017

  By 11 Oct 2017

  By nita 12 Sep 2017

it was nice talking to Aacharyaji. He gives the right guidance. regards nita

  By nita 13 Sep 2017

aacharyaji is knowlegeble. predictions are correct. regards nita

  By 11 Sep 2017

Very helpful

  By Mahesh Kulkarni 07 Sep 2017

Very good. He provided detail insights about my horoscope and predictions are true.

  By nita 01 Sep 2017

it was nice speaking to Aacharyaji. His predictions are correct . Thanks for motivation and showing the right path and hope. nita

  By VIVEK GAUR 31 Aug 2017

Very friendly and knowledgeable

  By Rajinder Kaur Aasi 01 Aug 2017


  By hemanth 02 Aug 2017

Call was very short,But whatever he said is true

  By mousumi goswami 26 Aug 2017

He is very knowledgeable and kind. He gives simple upa. Hope that his predictions work well.

  By mousumi goswami 23 Aug 2017

Very nice and well spoken.

  By Tarun 07 Aug 2017

A wonderful experience. He was so genuine with his readings. Kudos to him. God bless.

  By 10 Aug 2017

Nice prediction

  By Poonam 26 Jul 2017

Awesome experience

  By aqib bashir 24 Jul 2017

Amazing Personality. His answers were concise and short but to the point. He covered most of the things I wanted to ask without even me asking him.

  By Anushri Mishra 14 Jul 2017

Nice and pleasant one !!

  By 03 Jul 2017

Very good. Detailed adivse and help provided. Thanks

  By Swati Arora 01 Jul 2017

It ws nice talking with him....the way he deals with the problem shows his experience in astrology...will give him 5 stars...thumbs up..

  By Hari Chhetry 28 Jun 2017

Ashishji has indepth knowledge in astrology which he uses to tge fullest to do indepth & fabuloys readings. His readings has helped me a lot

  By Hari Chhetry 28 Jun 2017

He is very knowledgeable and provides apt reading and help

  By Hari Chhetry 16 Jun 2017

Great & hope the predictions come true though I trust his reading.

  By 01 Jun 2017


  By 01 Jun 2017

Great experience

  By Gautam Sharma 05 Jun 2017

commendable knowledge of his domain and he always gives meaningful advised which are workable and true to implement.Thank You for all your advised and support.

  By Sujata Ganesh Gudla 15 Jun 2017


  By Mansi Mehra 19 May 2017

Excellent at his work. Gives really good advice and solutions for problems.

  By apoorva vijaywargiya 17 May 2017

He has always been so good. His advice gives u a lot of relief. Thank you so much. I always consult him in any up and down.

  By Bhawana 02 Apr 2017


  By Naveen kandwal 04 Apr 2017

The interaction was very nice

  By moreshwar 06 Apr 2017

Sir i am thankful to you,Sir you are great person.

  By Tejal Babar-chaudhari 17 Mar 2017

Very nice

  By REYANSH PRAMODH 09 Mar 2017

He gives very clear cut response on each question & already proved himself correct in a very critical issue . He is well versed in the subject . Best part , is his advise to counter the adverse affects of malefic dasa through proper Dana ,Dhyana ( Puja ) & right gems .

  By Richa Prasad 07 Mar 2017

Very helpfull. Even though i spoke with him only for 4 min he made some things very clear for me. Thanku.

  By Saurabh Bhagvatula 07 Mar 2017

I got my pathway.

  By Prashant 06 Mar 2017

Calm and Humble Personality; Good Command over Astrology. Highly Recommended. Thanks

  By Abhishek Kumar 02 Mar 2017

Very Knowledgable and punditji tries to go extra mile to help you.Very satisfied

  By manisha kardam 02 Mar 2017


  By Ira Dutta 01 Mar 2017

Great Session with Acharya Ashish. Gave very precise and clear guidance and very helpful

  By Nabankita Chowdhury 28 Feb 2017

Acharyaji has given true solutions for my confusions in a professional yet friendly manner. Highly recommended! :)

  By Barun 26 Feb 2017

Great knowledge and provided simple remedies.

  By Parimala Marpaka 23 Feb 2017

Acharya Dangwal was very accurate about my past and was able to tell me about my future as well. He is extremely knowledgeable and I wish I had talked to him long time ago. Thank you for your accurate, kind, honest and loving jyothish. - Parimala

  By DEEPAK 22 Feb 2017

Very good

  By Nandita Giri 18 Feb 2017

Best astrologer in

  By anju 15 Feb 2017

great experience

  By Jaydeep joshi 14 Feb 2017

Acharya ashish dangwal is really a very good astrologer

  By Shree raja 09 Feb 2017

Very clear ,honest and to the point . He doesn't waste time. He is really blessed with knowledge and kindness.tries to go extra mile to help with his remedies . Very impressed strongly recommend

  By apoorva vijaywargiya 09 Feb 2017

He is simply amazing. He was so calm and composed and was understanding things. He was so apt in explaining me the issues.Thank u so much! Would like to contact u again.

  By Shradha 31 Jan 2017

A very re-assuring and accurate prediction.Provides personal touch by going an extra mile in making understand things with practical examples!!

  By rashmi 25 Jan 2017

I am very much thankful to Ashish Dangwal sir, to guide me and provide accurate solutions.his statements are so accurate.

  By sanam 25 Jan 2017

very good experience and he gave good advice and guidance.will definitely consult again.

  By Rachitta Juneja 21 Jan 2017

Accurate prediction and a very kind hearted, honest man.

  By Avishruti Dutta 21 Jan 2017


  By Shradha 20 Jan 2017

Very Accurate predictions and sensibily guides to the solutions

  By Noor Ghei 19 Jan 2017

He is very accurate in his Prediction very very good excellent reading

  By Priyanka 16 Jan 2017


  By Rahul 10 Jan 2017

very helpful and precise. Highly recommended

  By Rahul 07 Jan 2017

precise, helpful , practical solutions. Highly recommended

  By Santosh Sudhir Kulkarni 27 Dec 2016

I am very thankful to Acharya Ashsihji for his guidance, he is very soft spoken and has in depth knowledge. I am satisfied with the guidance and remedies given by him. I contacted him for my problems and got right answer for the same. Thanks Acharya Ashsishji.

  By anita pandey 27 Dec 2016

great response by Acharya Ashish Dangwal.

  By Shailaja 26 Dec 2016

Very practical solutions provided .. spot on in predictions

  By Kamlesh Gandhi 22 Dec 2016

  By MANI GUPTA 21 Dec 2016

Fruitfull experience

  By Kamlesh Gandhi 14 Dec 2016

  By baljinder 10 Dec 2016

  By Irene Kelleppan 08 Dec 2016

Very accurate and precise reading. I will recommend all my family and friends to Acharya Ashish Ji.

  By ashish 29 Nov 2016

  By Kamlesh Gandhi 26 Nov 2016

  By Sanjana Prakash 08 Nov 2016

Very good astrologer...


  By Kamlesh Gandhi 03 Nov 2016

  By Sania bagai 22 Oct 2016

  By Kamlesh Gandhi 25 Oct 2016

  By priyanshi sahu 08 Oct 2016


  By bhavesh 08 Oct 2016

Really good experience.

  By pinky 29 Sep 2016

the best astrologer i have consulted so far. provides you detailed information with solutions.

  By Santosh Sudhir Kulkarni 13 Sep 2016

He is very good person. Talk is very polite and understand the your porblem. Very correct readings of horoscope.

  By Sswati 14 Sep 2016

It was a great experience while taking with Acharya ji......such a nice person, he give me accurate predication

  By Shashikala gurla 15 Sep 2016

Extremely a very clear picture of ur present & past time.very unbiased & good guidance.charansparsh acharya mahoday.would alwez like to be guided by him .thank you sir

  By jyoti vohra 16 Sep 2016

good experience

  By ravi shankar 09 Aug 2016

Good prediction. following his instruction

  By monica iyer 29 Jul 2016

good experience

  By monica iyer 28 Jul 2016

excellent reading, he has really explained everything so well. he is really good

  By Pinky Patel 25 Jul 2016

He is the best astrologist i have evered talked. He listens problems very patiently and give solutions accordingly. I am very much satisfied with his solutions and prediction and will always look forward to talk with him in future and ask for the help whenever I stuck somewhere in my life

  By ravi shankar 25 Jul 2016

Acharyaji was to the point and his knowledge is good on the subject.

  By Nayan Pandya 13 Jun 2016

Very nice. To the point discussion. Gave me good insights on what is going on with my horoscope. Solution that acharya ji provided was simple to implement and did not cost me anything. Thank you Acharya Ji!

  By LALITASINGH 03 Jun 2016

He is a awesome astrologer...Have been talking to him for long time..Very friendly n courteous..Explains very well..Highly Recommended !!. Thank you !

  By SUPRATIM BASU 02 Jun 2016

very good

  By priyanshi sahu 20 May 2016

He has a deep knowledge of astrology.He analyse everything vry deeply after then he reply whatever he predicted about my past and present is absoutly right hope same for the future.Thank u sir

  By Ashish Jagtap 24 May 2016

Very nice point to point really great

  By CR Lakshmi 02 May 2016

Very precise and clear.

  By Sakshi Mangla 25 Apr 2016

He provided good remedies and perfect predictions

  By Murali 31 Mar 2016

Best Astrologer to Consult

  By LALITASINGH 29 Mar 2016

Excellent Superb Astrologer Ashish ji..Very Compassionate and Loving n Caring. Explains Very clearly..Excellence in Accuracy...Always Pleasure talking to him. please call him will be very happy n Satisfied with his Readings. Highly Recommended..Thank You Ashish ji.

  By LALITASINGH 29 Mar 2016

Awesome very kind n processional courageous n absolutely Superb Astrologer. Excells in Accuracy.Highly Recommended.You will not be Disappointed..Thank you Astrologer Ashish Ji..Jai Mata Di _/\_!!.

  By aparna 03 Mar 2016

the advice was good

  By rita modi 19 Jan 2016

his knowledge is upto the excellence, i had my personal life problems he told me the problem & even the person who is creating problem with an accurate time period.he even suggest the vedic remedies also thank you hope you serve for wellbeing of others..

  By sunil 04 Nov 2015

Very nice and fruitful discussions. Overall, very good experience.

  By rakesh kumar patnaik 16 Nov 2015


  By smriti 17 Nov 2015

He is genuinely good!

  By Vinayak Raman Sharma 02 Sep 2015

Always useful as he is very thorough and to the point.

  By Payal Shah 17 Aug 2015

Very polite and detailed

  By sikhamoni deka 13 Aug 2015

very practical solution

  By MUNISH WALIA 28 Jul 2015

He is the best person on to consult with. He is very transparent and give you the 100% correct information about your kundali. He will himself tell you that you are going through bad phase and tell you the rememdies as well. He is no nice and soft spoken person, he will listen you and understand your problems well. He will give you clear picture and will not hide anything from you.

  By Shilpi Rawat 24 Jul 2015


  By Vinayak Raman Sharma 23 Jul 2015

Very polite and detailed.

  By satyendrakumaar 18 Nov 2015